What does cloud mean in mobile?

The mobile cloud is Internet-based data, applications and related services accessed through smartphones, laptop computers, tablets and other portable devices.

Mobile cloud computing is differentiated from mobile computing in general because the devices run cloud-based Web apps rather than native apps. Users subscribe to cloud services and access remotely stored applications and their associated data over the Internet.

mobile cloud computing extends cloud computing by providing enhanced service availability and by exploiting information about a user's location, context and network intelligence, thereby considerably improving user experience. Leveraging the mobile device storage, sensing and processing resources for optimizing cloud-based application also adds to better user experience.

The obstacles facing mobile cloud computing include limitation of wireless bandwidth capacity and fluctuations in network service delivery. Mobile technology assumes a shared bandwidth capacity, so that users within any particular mobile cell share the available bandwidth while accessing the data network, e.g. the Internet. To overcome this intrinsic limitation, and to address the increasing bandwidth demand, wireless networks are continuously being upgraded – with the IP-based 4G wireless broadband network technology as the ultimate long term goal.

How significant was the role of Werner Von Braun in the US Space program?

I was a Systems Engineer, Titan IIB Project Engineer and Launch Controller on the Gambit-3 Photoreconnaissance Satellite program. Gambit-3 was a 22 year spy satellite program credited with winning the cold war, developed by system engineering, but not like today's version.  It was von Braun who

What was the worst meal ever served to you during a family get together?

Turducken.  It wasn't served to me, I served it. Turducken is a deboned turkey stuffed with a deboned duck stuffed with a deboned chicken then baked.  Sounds nice, right?My sister-in-law and I got our heads together and decided to do something different, maybe a little exotic, for Thanksgiving

What's the benefit of serving wine in a stemless wine glass?

The most famous of the stemless wine glass, the Riedel "O" series, was invented by Maximilian Riedel not to benefit the serving of wine but instead for storage concerns. The story goes that when he first moved to New York he found the kitchen cabinets too small for the family's traditional stemmed glasses. He then saw