What does 'for eternity' mean?

Q: What does "for eternity" mean?

Eternity means without beginning or end. It's frequently confused with immortality, which means a beginning but no end. When Christians talk about eternal life they are at the very least grammatically or syntactically challenged, unless there's some theology that suggests one extends infinitely backwards in time as well as forwards upon death. This seems unlikely for a number of reasons.

Well, I'll tell you what it does NOT mean! Eternity does not mean a "really long time". Eternity, by definition, is a state of Being with no change, no before nor after. Time is a measure of change. As eternity has no time, it can have no change.

Eternity is the reality which is outside of the temporal world in which we live. Eternity is what created the world, and us to begin with, and it is to what, or rather to whom, we shall return when we die - hopefully. As the alternative is so terrifying as to make strong men quake....

Forever, without end. The human mind cannot envision this concept correctly or properly as everything we see and know has "a beginning" and and "end".

Being eternal means having NO beginning and NO end.

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