What does it feel like driving for the first time?

I remember going through Drivers Education at the high school. The teacher was constantly talking or yelling at us, but he really did help in retrospect.

The first time you drive solo will be the most important feeling of freedom. To me, it said I'm on my way to being an adult. The downside? Concentrating on keeping the car between the lines, remembering the brakes are more important than the accelerator and sometimes you just have to floor it.You make so many decisions while driving, so my advise is turn the radio or sound system off. Don't take friends with you, because you know you will be tempted to show off.

If you have access to a small vehicle or even a pickup truck, they make a great vehicle to learn to drive. Vision is everything. You need to be able to see or know where your car or truck is at all times. After you learn more about driving, then move on to bigger vehicles and more horsepower.

Remember the most important part of the vehicle is the nut behind the wheel. That's you, my friend. Cars don't kill people, people get killed in cars they have lost control of. If you cannot drive it, park it.

I hope this will make you think about it while driving that vehicle by yourself. I love cars and driving. I hate it when people abuse their vehicle. Enjoy driving and watch out for the other guy.

Certainly scary and a bit overwhelming. There is a lot to focus on: speed, what pedal yoyr doot is on, mirrors, more mirrors, the other mirror, not trusting the mirrors and looking around anyways, staying between the lines, and more!

Then paying attention to where you are going and realizing that starting and stopping smoothly is actually a bit challenging.

Then dealing with the person tailgating and swerving around you an additional thing.

After two months, you become confident (many people too much so). And most people get better and better.

Now, more recently I drove in Ireland for the first time (I am from the USA).

THAT was an experience. Driving a rental manual on tje wrong side of narrow roads while being tired and hungry and knowing fee of the signs, laws and directions is once again scary and overwhelming! The USA has big wide roads everywhere. Ireland has little narrow roads that fit a car and a half, but are two way roads. With curves, hedges and wall and hills. Terrifying. My fiance has a nice video of me doing some little screams while driving around the third day (minimal driving day 1, no driving day 2).

Overall, driving is wonderful and fun and Ireland was so gorgeous - being able to pull off for the views any time we wanted was worth the stress and probable hairloss.

The first time? It's scary as hell.

But the first time you drive on your own after passing your driving theory test and your practical driving test, it feels amazing. This is the fist time in your life that you've had absolute freedom, and you feel unstoppable.

You're being careful to follow the rules of the highway code as you row through gears trying to get to 60 as quickly as possible.

It's bloody brilliant.

I grew up driving cars and tractors since I was about 7yo. Drivers training was a snap and I was very relaxed as was my teacher. However. After I got my drivers license I was driving and it hit me, I was the only person in the car! I felt a great sense of responsability for anything that might happen. I wasn't scared and nothing happened. It was just the feeling of realizing it was all on me to do everything right.

Do you mean when you are learning? Scary.

Scary, when you finally take off, then when you get fast enough the car changes into second gear it is like "o my gosh" the car is out of first gear.

O my gosh I am doing 40 km/h.

Then when the car changes into third gear it is like "O my gosh" I am in third gear.

If you are talking about the very very first time you even get behind the wheel that is what it is like.

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