What does it feel like to drive for a living?

I used to be a dealer "runner" who would drive cars from the auction, to/from repair/body shops and other dealerships. For a car lover like me it was cool for the first few months but then I started to really hate driving. You feel very alone in your car when you're driving all of the time. I love driving for the pleasure of it or unexpectedly taking a fun trip but commutes and driving in general is no longer a fun experience. If I had the money I would have a driver move me from place to place all the time so I could not deal with all the mundane annoyances of driving a car.
May I direct you to my earlier answer on a similar topic? It needs updating, but only because I drive a different vehicle now and have to eat a few words from the original.

Paul Stockley's answer to What is the life of a commercial truck driver like?

I'm in the process of making a behind-my-shoulder video of what it's like to drive with me along rural roads in a big truck, but haven't yet got the captioning sorted out, or decided which non-YouTube site to use.

I'll be sure to notify folk when it's up.
Which tech company came first, IBM, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, or others?

IBM goes all the way back to 1911, as the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company. (It was renamed

Can you please give some tips on passing the IELTS?

The first thing to say is that you must have a realistic idea of what your English level is in relation to your target score for your IELTS exam. For example, if you need to score a 7 in your IELTS exam (which