What does it feel like to drive in heels?

I would enjoy wearing heels 24/7 if I could do everything in them, but reality lets me know this is not a sensible goal. So when I do wear heels, there are elated feelings of satisfaction of knowing I'm wearing the footwear I choose to wear without being forced by some social edict or standard. Driving has its own special rewards: the feeling of being in control of a vehicle and knowing you are able to go from a to b with the confidence you can make it. Add these two together and the combination is very rewarding. Just make sure the driving and the car care gets the attention needed for a safe travel.

For someone that only wears kitty heels, it feels invigorating, especially when driving on a highway!

Is it safe? I mean like, even when we drive with barefoot, maybe we still have a chance to get accident. I didn't recommend this, but for some one out there who use with this condition, I'm very amazed!

Why do most houses in the UK have rooms having doors without locks?

It's a social thing. A home is considered a shared safe space for most families.There are locks exterior doors for security and probably the bathroom for privacy. Other than that internal locks are not usually seen as necessary.bedrooms are private spaces that are largely respected by others and

Can you explain your PERSONAL experiences with black magic?

Yes, I have used it on people twice already. Another couple was bothering an ex girlfriend. They stalked her social media and even tried mine. She had sleepless nights because of this so I told her I'll sort it out. I chatted with them on social media and said they they must stop and leave