What does it mean when a phone is foreign locked?

There are no foreign locks on a phone. Probably you are referring to network locks or region locks. Let me explain both these locks and to you can unlock it.

Network lock

A phone that is network locked means that is can only be used within the network in which is locked. For example, a T-Mobile locked phone can only be used in the T-Mobile network. To check if your phone is network locked you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Insert the "non-accepted SIM card" on the phone (Please check if your new SIM Card is activated, if not contact your Mobile Operator in order to activate it)
  2. Wait for the phone to load
  3. Insert the SIM's PIN code (4 digits), if asked.
  4. Try placing a phone call. If your phone reads one of these messages, it means it's locked: "SIM Network Unlock PIN", "Network Locked" or "This device can be remotely unlocked if eligible. Please use the ‘Device Unlock Application' to unlock the device"

If your phone is network locked, you will need to unlock it by either asking your network carrier or placing an order for a third party unlock code provider, like UnlockUnit.

Region lock

How can you find out if your device has a Region Lock installed and active?

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