What does make someone happy mean?

Try to do the things i am going to tell you then only you will get the answer, not only this but you will also feel the answer..

Making someone happy will make you happy as well

  • Suppose you are in a lift and you saw someone approaching towards it and the doors are about to shut, you don't have to do anything hard just hold the door for that person and the smile which you will get from him will be the fruit of your act.
  • Suppose its getting hard for a paddle rickshaw driver to cross a slope just give it little push if you are around. The results will be same as above

At end of the day just think about the smiles you recieve for your mini helpful acts, this will end your day at a good knot.... Even if you had a rough day it will bring smile on your face and this is what the point is in making someone happy. ( Because the happiness you give will return back to you in double figures)


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