What does the career outlook look like for future physicians in the next 10 years?

Physicians fees are so highly regulated that they cannot just raise fees unless they start a concierge practice where patients pay a fixed fee per year (my brother's family does this).  There will be more PA's more Nurse practitioners and longer wait times. 

If you make something free or less than its cost you will induce shortages.

Does unemployment cause depression? How are some symptoms to be aware before depression sets in?

Sometimes unemployment can lead to depression, you can feel sad, tired, no motivation is a big one, feelings of low self worth. Nobody likes rejection and unfortunately when you apply for jobs and do get rejected it can have an effect on your self-esteem.It's

Why do teens get kidnapped?

Teens get usually get kidnapped for the same reason as everyone else: so the captor can force someone to pay them some amount of money in exchange for the hostage's life.If you're wondering about teens, specifically, however, then there are a