What don't you want to see in a movie?

•Having multiple characters that all end up having lovers in the end when it's supposed to be an action/horror movie.Like damn,I get it,love and shit,but could you at least leave one person single or something?

It doesn't even matter what kind of movie it is,I'm not into that romance stuff obviously,but come on,at least leave one of the people be single,independent and just a happy and cheerful third wheel or something.

•When the main antagonist wants to do something but the other clingy character just decides to grab their arm and pull them back or something.It's most common with married couples.It's the wife that's always screaming at the husband.Like damn,woman if you love him let him go lmao

•When the bad guys don't get slashed in the end.You know when you're watching a horror movie and there's just this one nosy bitch/bully that makes you wanna take the killer's weapon and just do it yourself,and than they just live on and do the same shit they always do?Yeah,it's pretty shitty if you ask me

•Nothing being gay.Nothing.You have gore,you have rape,kidnapping,murder,child abuse,pedophilia,BUT NOT GAYNESS GET THAT SHIT OUTTA HERE.I don't have anything against straight people or basically anything straight,but come on,it's 2017,we're all good here.At least put a gay/lesbian couple in the background as some sort of 'find it yourself' scene.

•When a character shows so much love to the antagonist,but the antagonist goes for the person that literally just sat there and did nothing.If you have watched the new IT,there's a pretty good example there.Ben gives Bev a secret admirer poem,saves her multiple times,compliments her and literally brings her back from the dead.But in the end,she goes for Bill that didn't do jack shit.I know I said how I don't like romance,but this should just be basic logic to be honest.


•That's about it ?

Would you choose Marvel or DC?

DC. Why? Because DC started it all. Most of the popular Marvel characters are a ripoff of DC characters. I know, DC has also taken a little bit from Marvel and a lot from the mythology but they aren't superheroes.Also, DC has characters with

Is it okay to like 'childish' things, even if you're 17?

I'm 58. That's why grandparents have grandkids! Its so that we can relive being a kid all over again.I get to read all the kids stories all over again. I get to play ‘dress ups' (not MY choice, but hey), go to the toy shop, use my

What are some of your favorite childhood memories?

First & foremost, wish I could have stayed a child forever! Nothing to boast off being an adult!My first day of my first school, my first lunch at school, the taste of bread and jam mixed with my tears.Going home after school and watching evening cartoons on DD Metro.Going to school in dad's cycle when I was in kindergarten,