What effect did the potato famine cause in Ireland?

This was the worst famine ever in Europe so you can imagine the consequences in such a small country.

Out of a population of 8 million,over one million died and emigration,a new phenomenon for the Irish,began.

In the next 30 years,the population reduced to less than 4 million.

The British authorities were blamed for doing little or nothing to help,and a virulent anti-British feeling developed,at home and among the emigrant Irish.

The urge for independence became practically unstoppable.

I will refer those interested to the national archives of Ireland .In ten years 4 million people left the country mainly from the western counties About 200 thousand deaths occurred but many would have suffered malnutrition .Remember it was a time of vast industrial expansion in both England and Scotland ,so apart from emigration to USA Irish communities rapidly grew in Liverpool Manchester Glasgow and London to the extent a neighbouring area is known as county Kilburn.There were people hiring irishmen at the docks ,it would have been harder for women and children.

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Like the 2′nd answer: If you are non white, a recognizable ME name, features or accent, you will be asked more questions. There is also an ingrained myth that terrorists come only from the ME though currently they are the largest suppliers. People forget or ignore Irish were in the same category a few

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