What event changed your life for the better?

The event of being allowed to handle one hundred Rupees ( 1958) -the equivalent of Rs 1500 of today in parity , but worth A Lower Division Clerk's one month salary at that time) any way I wanted to, and being told to review the expenses incured from it and satisfy myself that it was beneficial to me or not was agreat incident in my life.. I celebrated the trust my grandfather reposed in me. More than half the money was spent on indulgence and the rest on Books. I continued to buy and read books theressfter. But that day was the last I spent mind money mindlessly on indulgenceat a whim. Never ever after that. I wonder sometimes, wwhether ,instead of letting me be the judge as to whether the spending was worthwhile, if my grandfather had asked me for the accounts of the money, I would have become so much self-controlled.

It is the sufferings and challenges of life which has changed my life for better, like when our family had to leave everything and migrate to India from Pakistan, penniless or when I was left alone to fend for myself. It was when I had to start my life from zero. It was when I had to study hard or work hard for success. It was when I had to walk alone on the path of honesty. It was when I did not give up hope when everything was dark. It was when I had to start from scrstch. It was when I had to suffer humiliation and insult. It was when my own people deserted me. My life started changing when I took over the charge of my life on myself and stopped blaming others for my miserable condition and started working for improving myself.

The moment i entered my college, that has changed me and my life for the better. I have never been so positive before and never been so confident, however much I am if it wasn't for my college. I as a person have changed for the better in these Few years.


Why did the British architects had their works in India?

As british ruled india for so many years there work is also appreciated by people as some english people were generous unlike other britishers who ruled the country and stole the wealth of the indians. The main work done bythem is the construction of dams and bridges across the country.The rush of technology was also

What do you love about Hawaii?

I love Hawaii for its pure beauty and distinct geography and culture from other U.S. states. Because of my career, I do a lot of international exploring however Hawaii always remains one of my favorite destinations of all time. It is

What is your biggest mistake or regret?

It was my last night in Mumbai after I had arrived from Germany. The day was spent searching an apartment for dad. Followed by meeting all the relatives in evening. My nephews were so delighted to see me. But, then I figured it was the chocolates that I had