What exercise would you suggest for a woman to lose thigh fat?

Human muscle antanomy is same for both male and female ,

For lossing fat there is no particular form but it is necessary that for loasing high fat one must know what to put inside own body , As no one will put bad diesel or oil in their car similar is concept of our body , we all earn , we all try our best to do everything but very few watch out for what they put inside their body ,

Here are few tips to loose high fat :-

Eat clean , good sources of carbohydrates , high ammount of complete animal proteins , good sources of fat(almonds about 10 -12 maximum it will not cause harm if eaten after soaking in water overnight and recomended by fda , olive oil etc) ,

Try to do cardio everyday at slow pace (6-10kmph speed on treadmill , if one can go outside to run in morning it will be better but i suggest one can run anytime it love but try preffering outside gym avoid treadmill and increase time) for 15 -20mins after regular workout in gym or home or anywhere (exercises like :- light weight training with 10–12 rep range or something like skipping rope etc.) and try reducing caloric intake see tips below ;

Eat foods like :- brown rice( before boiling 60 gm ) , oranges , apples , berries , whole wheat , egg whites , green vegetables as much you can everyday , chicken breast ( 40 gms),oats half cup , milk ( low fat ), opt for veggies (cucumbers , carrots , capcicum , onions), milk ( low fat ) , curd etc ,before workout :- eat few nuts (30min before starting) , After workout :- small portion about half banana to help body to refill loss electrolytes from body during workout with low fat milk half cup ( chilled or normal)

avoid excessive oil while cooking vegetables and pulses , just use oil to make cooking pan surface bit slippery and shiny or can go for cooking spray ,

Drink ample ammount of water everyday .

Avoid artificial sugar completely , go for cinnamon ,ilaichi (cardamom ) , green saunfa etc.

Avoid White rice , white potatoes , unhealthy oils , use olive oil ,cannola oil in low ammounts ( not more than 3 spoons)...etc.

At last but not least get enough sleep everyday , consume one handful of nuts it will finish your sugar carvings as mentioned about almonds above , recomended by fda research .

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