What fashion advice do men want to give to women?

It depends on the man. Some men like less clothes. Others like edgy looks. I myself am the type of person that really likes it when a girl wears cute things and rarely shows skin. I really do fall in love when i see a girl wear pastel colors, oversized sweaters, and other cute things that would show their baby girl side. If that's not yours style, some men do like it when girls go more rebellious with the fashion expectations. A good leather jacket and cool shirt can do good. These are the things that will ((maybe)) attract a good hearted, innocent yet challenging, and shy man who will love you. We are the best kind ;)

How did some homosexuals change to become heterosexuals?

Okay, so I just answered a question which is how to turn heterosexual. In the answer to that question is the answer to this question, and because Im feeling lazy today, I will put here the answer I gave to that question. so, here it is:As someone who not only has heard of people who

How long does it take for your bicep to grow by an inch?

We need to make some assumptions here.You just started working out.Your bicep size is 11" (average human).You have no prior experience in lifting.So it goes like this. Overall muscle growth can be developed in 3 phases.Phase 1) You just start lifting. Your muscles will get toned first and you will develop the required strength to lift

What do you do when you find everything going wrong in life?

I had a good job. Making good money. Things were finally going my way.Everything was going my way. And then something happened. Nothing started working out.I found a great place to live down in Naples. Didn't work out.Went a looked at another place. Didn't work out.Found a