What feeling does coffee give you?

That first sip of coffee is like a thousand fairies dancing on my tongue imparting little orgasms to each taste bud. A sense of well being rushes into my consciousness and I feel as giddy as a Korean schoolgirl in a Gangnam coffee shop. I feel the warm glow of reassurance that in this world of uncertainty there is good, and not just good but excellence. The aroma is happiness in disguise. The flavor is joy condensed into a dream with a thousand naked virgins carrying me into the heavens.

For me I live in Sichuan, China. We did not drink coffee. My first coffee is ���_�t���@�� - Google �j�M. I think it is bitter. I prefer some juice or some Coca Cola.

Now more coffee shops are opened around us. But I still drink a little coffee.

Where can I find out what the dealers wholesale price is for a used car in Canada?

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What is the best tripod for astrophotography?

It depends on your type of astrophotography and the conditions. Almost any sturdy tripod can be used for wide angle nightscape style astrophotographs in good conditions.How do you know if a tripod is sturdy enough for astrophotography?There is a simple test you can do, if

How the debris in space is cleared?

Actually the debris you call, those are used satellite launchers (rockets) which is also called as space garbage.As the rocket has finished its job it is leaved there in space which then orbit with earth or go far away in space. Also satellites are part of those debris the difference is,