What fitness tracker do you prefer? Why?

I have been using the MEVOFIT DRIVE fitness tracker by Mevolife. It's very light on the hand and super stylish. Being literally weightless, this fitness band is one of my best investments. Let me tell you more about this band and explain it's basic features:

  1. TRACKER: This band, THE MEVOFIT DRIVE BAND helps you track your steps, calories burnt, the distance that you covered, your active minutes and also your stationary time.
  2. SLEEP TRACKER: The band also tracks how long and well you have slept, which helps you to actually analyse your sleep pattern.
  3. REMINDERS & ALERTS: Alerts like sedentary notifications, anti lost, alerts for calls, texts, FB, Twitter, Whatsapp and much more.
  4. Display and charge: It has an OLED display which operates on touch & swipe tech. You can charge this band easily with USB direct.
  5. PHYSICAL SPECS: It's light weight, is splash proof, scratch tolerant and skin friendly.
  6. BATTERY: It can go for about 7 whole days and nights in just one time of charging its battery.

The best part of this band is, you can keep all the records intact of your precious health and eating patterns in the MEVOLIFE App, just connect this band with the app and keep on tracking. Buy the MEVOFIT DRIVE here.

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