What fruit has the highest fiber, yet the lowest carbs?

By culinary definition: raspberry

In culinary terms, a fruit is the sweet part of a plant that can be eaten raw. For example, bananas are often included in fruit salad, despite not being fruit botanically (bananas are seedless and sterile).

If you go by this definition, lots of skin & pulp (relative to volume) means lots of fibre, so smaller fruit are usually better.

Raspberry: 12% carbs, 7% fibre

By botanical definition: lots of options.

In botanical terms, a fruit is the ripened ovary or carpel that contains seeds. This can include non sweet foods, like avocado, beans and nuts (e.g. cashews and almonds are fruit seeds).

Avocado: 9% carbs, 7% fibre

Olive: 4% carbs, 3% fibre

Macadamia: 5% carbs, 9% fibre

Also, by this definition, cold pressed olive oil = low carb fruit juice.

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