What genre do Marvel films belong to?

If well written they dipped into every genre. I remember one time when "Noir" was a thing for a year or two. Specifically Spiderman noir, X-Men noir and one other were mind blowing. Depends but mind blowing.

Emma Frost & Cyclops didn't even really change. Turns out they've been noir the whole time. And really if you follow the next decade based off the limited series it plays out to be the ultimate noir with the Emma Frost using Cyclops corpse to further his goals. Now that's fucking love, but in the darkest way possible. People feel like she's gone back to being evil. But I see it as a wife going the whole nine yards in loving memory. It's just so damn grim!

Why do Dwayne Johnson films make so much money?

He has a large fan base domestically and internationally. That fan base spends their money and time to see his films.His films are released after heavy marketing campaigns that often feature Dwayne Johnson in a combination of action and humor scenes, which cater to his strengths and are key reasons people like him.Many of his fans

How much profit in total has Disney made from the entire Marvel Universe starting with the first Iron Man movie?

The global box office takings for the MCU (minus the movie budgets) would come to over $13 billion. There would also be advertising costs to take off that, so you could estimate a total net profit of over $12 billion. With DVD/Bluray and merchandising that figure could be multiplied.Disney have

How might the Apple car be different from Tesla cars?

An Apple car might look like a very large Apple magic mouse. The panoramic window would be a massive touch screen, and the car would have one Touch ID button that reads fingerprints as well as a super-lightning port that can provide