What happened to Indians after Independence who had worked in the British police force?

They were absorbed into the Indian and Pakistani Police force post independence. According to a book named 'Plain tales from the Raj' it says that, most Indians didn't hold any high level positions in defence or police service and generally Indians were commanded by European superiors. Maybe due to the fear of a repeat of 1857 ( which did happen with 'Indian Naval Mutiny post WW2 in Mumbai and Karachi ports). What they show in movies and TV that there is an evil British officer commanding over similar evil Indian subordinates harassing innocent Indians fighting for their independence is quite a wrong picture. There might be one or two individuals like them, but most 'Common Indian' population was unaware about the freedom struggle except the higher echelons of politics viz. the Indian National Congress. I wouldn't shy away from saying that the situation hasn't improved much from that time rather turned worse ( Remembering Churchill's statement, that if India is granted freedom, she will be ruled by goons and hooligans which quite agitated Nehru at that time) and also its just the change of rulers from white British to our own Indian brothers. ( Remember a dialogue from Kamal Hasan's movie 'Hindustani' " Videsi chale gaye, bas unke jagah hamare apne desi aa gaye" -Meaning: The foreigners have gone, but their place has been taken by our own countrymen".

As the Indian populace objected to the punishment of Nazi and other axis collaborators, the Nazi forces were either pensioned off, or mixed with the British India era Police and Politicians to form the new Civil administration:

Is Indonesia safe for a first-time solo traveller?

Indonesia is huge.You need to know specifically where you will be going.Size-wise, it is as big as Europe.

What's the top 3 destinations, that I must see/should visit before I die?

These are 3 places I've visited and have left the longest-lasting impression on me(1) For ruins and history, visit Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Stunning. Feels straight out of an Indiana Jones movie and steeped in culture and history.

What would happen if India had the Internet before independence?

What would happen if India had the Internet before independence?Judging by the way present day Indians are using the Internet or influenced by it, I feel if India had the internet before Independence, most probably India would have had only internet but no Independence ;)Bonus information : please note that in the question the letter I is in