What happened to South Africa's nuclear scientists and engineers?

South Africa initiated their own nuclear weapons program in the 70s. They built the trigger mechanism, enrichment facility, and delivery vehicles. While the devices themselves were dismantled, they are still in possession of the weapons-grade uranium that they enriched for the program.

It's really explained best from Nuclear Threat Initiative's website. Definitely worth a quick read if you want a history of the topic and the current status.

How are property taxes in Delaware?

Delaware property tax is quite low compared to adjacent states, which is why there have been so many retirees from NY and NJ move here. And incidentally, there is no sales tax in DE, which is why you'll see so many MD, PA, and NJ cars in the mall parking lots, and out of staters lined up in front

What might the world today look like if Carthage had managed to permanently subdue Rome?

If Carthage defeated Rome, a number of things would happen. Keep in mind this is one hypothetical situation which is think is most likely. There could be a hundred different scenarios that may play out. For this situation, I am assuming that they defeat Rome and take over ItalyThe Celts, Gauls, and Germanic

What is the worst thing about living in Idaho?

I hate that Idaho is growing.It might be a good sign that Idaho is expanding, and that might mean that Idaho is doing something right, but Idaho is growing, and fast.People from California, Nevada, Utah, and Montana are pouring into Idaho, and it is growing with people exponentially. There