What happens after basic training in the US military?

As has been said, you go to AIT.  Basic Combat Training (also called Boot Camp) is 10 weeks of training where you learn how to be a soldier - how to march, fire a gun, get fit, and survive with little sleep.

After BCT you go on to your advanced training, where you learn how to perform your job - Military Occupational Specialty (MOS).   That could be infantry, cook, mechanic, radio operator, etc.

Think of it this way.  Everyone in the Army needs to know how to don a gas mask, shoot an M-16, throw a grenade, etc.  Not everyone needs to know how to jump out of a plane, drive a tank, fix a helicopter, or operate a satellite communications system.

BCT = what everyone needs to know to be a soldier
AIT = what individual soldiers need to know to do their specific job
Will my ex-boyfriend's new relationships last permanently?

Nothing is permanent.Neither life nor relationships..Better focus on your life and leave his relationships to him to deal with .Many times what we feel Ex has new relationship is probably just acquantence or casual friendships.Any which way it is the Ex descretion.Just as with whom you form new relationship or retain old

To what degree can lungs repair damage caused by smoking?

This can be summarised as:It is never too late to stop smoking-but the sooner, the better.Generally, in terms of structural damage, what's done is done. In addition, if you already have chronic obstructive airway disease, then the inflammation seems to take longer to settle than in those with mild/no damage. But of course if you don't stop, then all