What happens to all the food wasted by diners at restaurants and weddings?

I have spent many years in the industry, including weddings for hundreds of guests, and owning a restaurant. Anything that has been served to guests, gone out on a buffet or on a guest plate gets thrown away. There are too many liability issues with food which has been out of the control of the hospitality provider (ranging from people putting "stuff" into the food, to long time outside the safe temperature zone) to donate this food anywhere.
Wedding (or other catering food) that is over-prepared, but has not been plated/served/put on the buffet is often donated to shelters, food-banks, etc..., but only if it has been properly stored/kept outside the bacterial danger zone until the end of the event.
In India it becomes "Malai or any other Kofta" Google
How much do waiters get paid?

It varies a lot and is entirely dependent on a given night's business.Here in Ohio, tipped minimum wage is about 4.25/hr. Their regular paycheck is usually eaten up by taxes so servers income is pretty much entirely based on tips which can fluctuate wildly depending on how much business a restaurant gets that

What does it mean to describe someone as 'all American'?

It depends on the context. It has a specific meaning in college sports. Because of the size of the USA, sports teams normally play in leagues local to a particular region, so the players on an East Coast team won't ordinarily play against those on a West Coast team (this varies by sport). All the way back in the

Why do restaurants play different music in the restrooms?

Two reasons. VolumeRestaurant sound systems are usually divided into at least two zones: Dining room, and everything else. It has less to do with the quality and type of music, and more to do with volume.