What happens when a spouse doesn't show up for divorce court?

If either party does not appear in the court while a divorce proceeding is pending, then the court issues summons to the party who is not appearing to appear before the court for continuation of the proceedings . If after repeated reminders the party does not appear or submit their defence in the court. The court grants an ex- parte divorce.

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When working out and trying to build muscles as efficiently as possible, is it better to build resistance against the weights? For example, doing chest exercises you push dumbbells upwards, coming down should you resist and do it slow?

I would argue that the best way to keep your muscles growing is to keep changing your workouts up. Our bodies adapt quickly to routine. In order to keep the gains going, make a change every workout or three.This might mean changing what exercises you do in your chest workout, or the order in which you do them.

How to make an efficient workout split? What should I keep in mind when constructing a workout to hit all the different muscles and muscle groups

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