What harsh truths did you learn from your first year of parenting?

FIRST YEAR of parenting? Nothing I didn't already know. First year of parenting each one of my four children is that every single child, right from birth, is going to be completely different. First and second children had opposite personalities - from the very first scream of my second, I knew he was going to be very strong willed. Third one slept was sick more than healthy for the first year but always had a big smile. Fourth has just wanted to be held - constantly, or else he lets you know he's not happy.

When dieting, what area of the body loses fat first?

Very good question Emma. In a nutshell your body burns body fat evenly across your body. The part with the least fat will appear to have lost it first.Where you primarily store body fat depends largely on you genetics and race. Although the type of food you

What are the best English songs?

I created a list of my favorite songs. The list contains songs from various genres, and includes more than 150 different artists and bands, and are from 1959 - 2015.Enjoy!Track listWaiting for an angel - Ben HarperGrey Room - Damien RiceStand by me -

Does the human body have any natural defenses against carcinogens?

It depends on the type of the carcinogen.  Viral, chemical, bacterial, radiological, UV, etc.We have barrier defenses - skin and mucus that protect from a wide variety of carcinogens.  The digestive system can destroy some ingested carcinogensThe liver can destroy many chemical carcinogens. The immune system can kill viral and bacterial