What has been Modi's performance so far?

The performance of the BJP led Government has so far been far less fulfilling compared to what have been promised 3 years back. We have a PM who spends most of his time trying to forge new foreign relations n deals n in this process ends up not adhering to the current job crises or agricultural crisis which could have been avoided had he spend more time in the country where he is d main man.

The demonetisation turned out to be a huge failure owing to d lack of proper planning and implementation. It only hurt the poor n middle class when d notes where banned n now d effect is seen evn on d country's GDP which saw a huge dip. The much awaited GST also , due to its poor implementation is making d traders n businessesmen their job hectic and in addition to all d extra cess charges which came in this government , even the essential commodities r now sold at a high price putting pressure on d common people.

The petrol rates r sky rocketing in India whereas d barrel cost has reduced to a all time low in d last 5 years or so. The oil companies r making huge profits emptying d purses of fellow Indians.

All the religions have seemed to forget d meaning of sovereignty thanks to d RSS promotional activities by d government. If d government is trying to keep its vote bank as high as possible by dividing people it's not d way a country like India should be administered.

The media is fully supporting d current government , not ready to criticize it when required n as a result a huge chunk of masses r unaware of d atrocities happening around. Beef ban was highlighted but not d fact that many people were lynched in UP n other states. The Media has clouded d eyes of common people into believing that this government is d best option India can have now..I dnt think so..

A major problem lies in d fact that the opposition is not strong enough n d Congress is not criticizing the BJP in the right way with the right coverage. Noone is ready to criticize Modi , giving him a godly avatar , which may have probably shut his eyes to what he himself has promised to deliver. Job creation is not happening. Infrastructure is not getting modernised adequately. Just than changing d names of few schemes serious innovative steps or strategies haven't taken place.

I hope this will change. I for myself m not fan of this rule. I expected a lot from this government, maybe that's where I went wrong. The whole political consciousness of d society has to be awakens so that people demand for changes . This is d largest democracy after all.

Why are people scared to leave the United States?

Scared? I know of no US citizen who is scared to leave the US. Millions travel aboard every year. In 2018 for example, 93,038,257 total international travelers visited other countries according to the US Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration, National Travel and Tourism Office.Europe 17,742,258Caribbean 8,702,217Asia

What is the best way to learn guitar without taking classes?

Patience & PerseveranceIt's really good to know that you are thinking of learning guitar by yourself. But, to do that, what you need is the words written in bold. Yes, that too, in abundance.When you start, it'll be hell.Things will be going wrong, you'll be muting unnecessary strings, your hands will be hurt, your fingers,