What has not been invented yet, that is highly needed in today's society?

  • An instant learning machine, that allows us to instantly download information into our brains.
  • Some device that will organize the internet and be able to communicate with a human user to filter the information interactively until the desired data is found.
  • Pick a chore, any chore! If you find something that will remove it from our lists of things to do for an acceptable price you have an answer.
  • A device capable of uploading information directly from the brain and downloading it as a message into another willing recipient's brain. Think of all the misunderstandings we would eliminate.
  • Any synthetic replacement for any body part that we do not yet have the ability to create.
  • Virtual reality. It goes further than just entertainment. Think of the modelling and control system possibilities. It can be used to pilot anthropomorphic exoskeletons and, when it comes to 3 dimensional interactions many things might be more easy to model if we could simply interact with them as we do with things in our environment, regardless of their actual scale.
  • Better beds! I don't know about you, but for me beds could use a major makeover. If you lie face down you either smother yourself or twist your neck. If you lie face up, snoring and light are an issue (plus I get a back ache). If you lie sideways your arm falls asleep.
  • Pick any super material and find a way to make it cheaper/better/more reliably. Examples, graphene, and carbon nanotubes.
  • A method of defying gravity without the input of energy. To be more specific a way to fix things in "vertical" space just as we do on the surface of the earth. This applies to the elevator to space as well as to optimizing our space on earth.
  • Any device that can effectively render nuclear weapons useless worldwide. There is a condition to this one however. It would only be beneficial to the world as a whole if it is only able to disable every single nuclear weapon around the world simultaneously, and permanently.
  • Weather control devices that passively divert weather. If we could isolate a given section of the world from wind we could build giant buoyant platforms which we could use to reduce the distance to space, and thus aid in the concept of the elevator to space.
  • Anything that improves our perception and measurement of reality. Think telescope, microscope, spectroscope. Nothing hastens the development of science and technology quite like instruments of measurement.
  • Anything that allows us to protect ourselves from a danger from space, such as asteroids. Currently we are virtually defenseless.
  • A one size fits all cure for disease. Up till now the only way to combat disease has depended on the disease of interest. Imagine we find a way to mass manufacture synthetic immune systems. Especially something like nanobots that are immune to damage from the pathogen. Such an invention would face countless challenges, such as how to prevent the real immune system from responding to it. But if we came up with something like that we might actually find a way to repair any ailment and actually save on resources that are required to find an infinity of different cures to different diseases.

What are the best books which include only previous year question papers for AIPMT preparation?

I am an engineering student had biology as a my additional in +2 cbse.Naturally i was in a section where all my 40 classmates aspired to be a doctor.For two years they mugged biology, gave little attention to physics chem and neglected mathematics.My approach was full focus on PCM and read NCERT biology once or

Why are my shoulder blades and lower back sacrum cracking and are painful? My back gets worse with exercise too. The other day my back cracked when lifting leg up and now it's more painful. My shoulders and back crack every time I move and it aches.

Chances are, you have a vitamin deficiency. Cracking bones are normally attributed to the lack of Vitamins D and Calcium. Before thinking of exercises, try to shift your diet first by eating foods rich in Vitamins D and Calcium such as fatty fish, beef liver, eggs, and dairy products.

Should I go to the gym to get in better shape?

Yes you should go, eve though you can get in shape by doing cardio -running outside every day- there are certain body muscles for which you need gym equipment to work on them.Working on your biceps is not going to be easy if you don't have a pair of weights,