What has been the biggest challenge of your life so far?

Beyond the usual challenges of life-a career, a family. solvency-my biggest challenge has been learning to walk after a serious accident. After having been active all my life, I stupidly had two severe motorcycle accidents, one when young and the other just over a year ago when I was much older.

The struggle to recover the act of walking was an immense challenge that took endless effort (still ongoing in the current situation). It means working relentlessly to acquire the strength to put one foot in front of the other and work on physical-therapy exercises every day, despite endless pain and frequent discouragement. Every human faces challenges and it is the response that truly counts. Giving up is not an option.

My heart goes out particularly to athletes who have suffered injuries that delay or end their careers. I think often of the great Scots race driver Dario Franchitti, who was horribly injured in a terrible racing accident and spent many, many months recovering, but every sport and ‘potential' contact sport has examples of truly great exponents who were severely injured.

I also think of Stephen Hawking, and his immense courage in overcoming a physical challenge that was unimaginably huge, yet he persevered despite the kinds of physical difficulties one can hardly imagine. He also proved that the mind is mightier than the flesh, and that the act of thought, within the brain, is just as important as mobility. He will live for eternity, his brilliant mind laughing as it dances in the Universe.


If today wasn't my biggest challenge, I would fear of not contributing my best towards society today. If everyday was the biggest challenge, I do not fear what is in front of me because for the days I've been alive, I've been conquering challenges.

Being Afraid

Thinking back even now, it is the stupidest thing ever. I am afraid because of not knowing what the outcome was. But if not doing it, wouldn't we be always afraid as we never know what the outcome was. Getting rejected is better than living your whole life not knowing what the outcome of something you wanted to do. Do something today. Post a question on Quora, post an answer, praise someone today.

Figuring out how to salvage (most of ) my life when I woke up one morning with almost all my eyesight replaced by a swirling grey & black cloud. About 2 years later I could see enough to use the computer & get around without the white cane, thanks to government healthcare & an awesome eye surgeon. Seven years of voc rehab & OJT to accept that small town employers don't need handicapped older employees who can't drive themselves to work. Learning to get by on way less than my former earned income: $$ below the Federal poverty level. Never ever being able to go anywhere by myself, without a driver. Fighting off the regular, well meant efforts by other people to transform me into My Handicap, living the Handicapped Lifestyle, with ‘new friends for life!' based entirely on ... our similar handicaps... instead of a person who happened to have a handicap.

It continues to be a challenge.

To be frank, I've had a fairly good life with no 'real' difficulties.

But I have faced a few problems. I'd been quite unhappy with my job in the recent times. This was more than just a phase, which happens to almost everyone. This was, quite frankly depression. I lost interest in all the things I loved to do like writing, reading or even going out with friends because I felt like I was bringing their moods down as well. I would just indulge in self-destructive thoughts and unhealthy habits.

It took some time but I got over it. Just a lot of introspection, and talking to other people who really helped me. I have started reading, writing(thank you Quora!) and even painting!

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Have you ever lied about loving someone?

Yes.I got drunk and got a girl pregnant so I stayed with her and then got her pregnant with twins.I figured it was my duty to be there for my kids so even though I really could barely stand her, I said I loved her and asked her to marry

How does gravity affect magnetism? Take in perspective the sun; does the gravity of the sun affect its own magnetism?

Gravity affects electromagnetic radiation (see Gravitational Redshift (see image below) and Gravitational Lensing for details. All objects of higher temperature than its surroundings radiate, see Black-body Radiation. 

Have you ever had a flying dream?

Yep... Great fun. Had a whole series of them years ago and I got progressively