What have you heard accidentally after someone thought their phone call with you was over?

We all probably have that one friend who disappears until he or she has a need. When Mike (not real name) calls I know he wants me to do a favor for him. He is constant through the seasons, unashamed and unbridled. I'm the sucker for always saying yes.

"Hello?" I said.
"Need your urgent help." He spoke in a rush this time. Some of his words indistinct. The background noise did not help either. Loud music and lots of people talking at the same time. Was he at a party? I gathered he was broke again and living in topsy-turvy times. Life had taken a dark, dingy direction. He was behind on his rent. There was a list of endless calamities that had befallen him.

I tell him to calm down. He seemed about to lose his mind if he hadn't lost it already.
"You've got to keep saying ‘yes' when life says ‘no'. Find the positives to balance out the negatives," I said.
"Words of wisdom are good. However, what I need right now is urgent financial help. Like right now. Nothing is too small."
He clearly didn't care for my nuggets of wisdom about life. That only added to his litany of woes and the many closed doors he faced. I didn't have what he wanted from me though. I had just paid for a competitive and expensive course. But I promised to call back in a couple of minutes. Let's see what I could do.

I waited for him to end the call. He thought I had ended the call. The background noise became clearer and I knew where he was. He was at his favorite Seaside Bar. I heard him chatting with the bartender and having a good time.

"Is your friend going to send the money?" An unknown female voice asked.
"Easy as ABC. Of course he will. That's how I sort out my financials." I had a mental picture of him winking at her and she laughed.
"Everything's on me tonight. A round of drinks for everyone."

I end the call and took a five-minute break to gather my wits and compose myself. Then I called him back.
"Did you need my bank account details?" he asked.

"This is Easy Financials. Easy as ABC...this bank is closed tonight," I told him and switched off my phone.

My girlfriend to a kid "You should have said that I'm not around"

In our final year of high school is when we decided to start dating for real. We had been very close before that, even though we were in different boarding schools, which means we only got to meet during school holidays, i.e. April, August and December. (Here in Kenya we don't experience Summer and winter, so the school calender is usually not affected by seasons. Schools run for 3 months, then a one month holiday follows)

Needless to say we both finished high school at the same time. I passed very well in my final exam, but her, not so well. She went to Nairobi for her college studies and did something to do with beauty therapy, her passion. I had tobwait for the University academic year to begin in September, so since her diploma course took only a year to finish, (she joined in January) She was almost done by the time I was joining.

We were still head over heels. I qualified to join a University in Mombasa undertaking Civil Engineering. Note that Mombasa is an 8 hour drive from Nairobi. Therefore we didn't see each other much. Only when I was travelling to Mombasa, or from Mombasa, through Nairobi.

She managed to get a nice job in an executive salon even before she finished her beauty course, which means that, before I even settled in my campus, she was cashing in her pay cheque. I was happy for her of course. Our relationship remained intact. I loved her, abd I know that she loved me too. We always called each other and had long chats till very late. We would plan on how to spend the day we would meet months before. It was love.

Then my sweet girlfriend changed. She started avoiding my calls. She started ignoring my texts. I wondered what went wrong, what I did wrong. I started apologizing without knowing what I was apologizing for. Then she started asking me questions I didn't know how to answer.

"What would you do if I ever slept with someone else?"

"What would you do if I became pregnant?"

"What would you do if you found out that I did a very bad mistake?"

I didn't know how to answer those, so most of the time I told her that I would be devastated.

One day she was not picking my calls and I kept on calling. Its like she gave up on ignoring the ringing phone so she decided to pick up, but with a plan. When I said hallo, a kid answered, it was a girl. The poor child didn't know what to say or couldn't recall whatever she had been coached to say so she started stammering. My GF saw her plan crumbling so she took the phone from the kid, and started explaining how she was not near so she couldn't have picked up. Then she told me that she had a client to serve, meaning she could not talk. Then I hang up, or she thought I did. I was so hurt that she could not speak, and I felt that she was lying so I just stayed with my phone on my ear after the disappointing conversation, while on the othe hand she thought I had hang up. That is when I had her talk somehow angrily to the kid in swahili.

"Mtu husema hayuko, ameenda nahuko mbali na sijui atarudi saa ngapi." Which translates to:

"You should have said that I have gone far, and you don't even know when I will be back."

I didn't know what I felt after that, betrayed, disappointed, sick, or whatever. I just know that it hurt to the core. My girlfriend, my love didn't just say that. I just relaxed, and texted her those exact words. I wish I was there to see her reaction.

Her close cousin was also a friend of mine and she knew very well that we were dating. I decided to ask her what was up with my sweet GF, and almost regretted asking. She dropped it on me like a hot bomb.

"She is someone's wife"

It's like I didn't understand that statement so I asked for clarification, whether she was just dating someone else or she was actually married. I was informed that my sweet girlfriend had gotten pregnant by a guy in Nairobi and had decided to get married to him. She just didn't know how to tell me.

What hurt me even more is when one evening I got a text from my siz saying, "your girlfriend is pregnant and married." So it seemed that I was the very last person to know about it. I was extremely heartbroken.

She was blessed with a very cute baby boy who is now almost 5 years old. Her marriage lasted 2 years since it turned out to be abusive. She is now a single mom. She got the courage to apologize to me after about 2 years and we became friends again. She admits that she still have feelings for me.

I on the other hand I have already finished my Civil Engineering degree and graduating with honours this December. I expect to see her at my graduation party for the first time since the ordeal happened. And honestly, even though I have been in several relationships over those years, I still have feelings for her, but I still fear and find it hard to trust her again. And I miss her, like, a lot.

Thanks for reading.

Yes. And that incident changed my whole point of view.

I had just recieved my 11th science board results. It was 89%. When I told the result to everyone at home, my mom congratulated me, younger sister made fun(as it is her duty :p) and my dad just said : "huh, couldn't even score 90.".

Here I want to tell that I am not very vocal with anyone, I just keep everything inside. But I always look up to my dad for his appreciation.

That was the second time something like that had happened. The first time was when my 10th result was declared. I was disappointed. I even cried that afternoon, when no one was around. I thought that even if I do anything extremely good othher than scoring, dad will never be happy. He will never appreciate me. I then started talking less and less to him. That's what a teenager does as his biggest mistake.

Now comes the phone call. It was from my nani, got to know my result, she called me. And congratulated me. I was very happy, as I have almost grew up with my nana-nani.

Nani still has a habit of not cutting the call after the conversation is over. So, after it was over, I was just about to end the call, but I heard her talking with my nana. That sentence thoroughly stirred me. The conversation was like :

Nani : "utsav is doing really well. This much score in science is very nice!"

Nana : "yes. He is making everyone of us proud."

Nani : "yes. raju(they call my dad by his nickname) was in tears when talking to me over phone just minutes before. He was saying utsav has done something he himself could always just dream of. He is very proud. And why wouldn't he be? Got such a nice son-daughter duo..."

The conversation went on, but I was unable to listen. I just cried. A lot. I just cursed myself. How mean I was. How idiot I was. I was sobbing so hard, trembling with guilt.

Yes. My father had cried. Just out of the pride. He did appreciate me. I have never seen a man like him before.

From then on, firstly I have my mom-dad, then god in my heart. I could never be vocal enough to apologise to him or even thank him.

That accidental over heard phone call changed my perspective from its very roots.

And I also advise the teens that guys, there is only one man who will want you to be more successful than himself : your father. Never evwr take him or his advices lightly. Respect him, love him. He will never appreciate you verbally, but he will be the most proud person when you achieve something.

P.s. i still remember, my father maintains a file in which he has stored the certificates won by me even in 1st standard.

Thanks dad.

I met a guy (let's call him Charlie) and we dated for a short time. He had a fairly important and very well-paid job, he loved dining out, and he was funny and smart. However, he was also a chronic alcoholic. He did not want just a glass or two with dinner; he always opted for a bottle or three and that was just at lunchtime. And, if we met up for dinner, he always wanted to go somewhere else once dinner (dinner meaning a copious amount of wine watered down with a small amount of food) was over for yet more drinks before he staggered, insensible, into a cab. I tried asking him once what it was about his life that was so awful that he couldn't bear to face it sober, but unfortunately he was too drunk to remember the conversation. We stopped dating, I deleted his number from my phone, and we thankfully went our separate ways.

A year later, I received a phone call from Melbourne, Australia around 10pm on a Tuesday night. Despite not recognizing the number, I answered the call as I still retained a few business interests in Australia and hey, it may have been important. Charlie was on the end of the phone, so drunk that I could barely understand a word he was saying. He slurred down the line that he was in a tiny, tinpot pub in a tiny, tinpot town just out of Melbourne and for some reason, he had thought of me. We chatted for maybe 20 minutes – well, he slurred and I listened, feeling too sorry for him to hang up outright. I finally ended the call after agreeing to ‘maybe' meet up for dinner when he was back in my town. Two minutes later, my phone rang again from Charlie's number. I switched my phone off and went to bed.

A few months later, my mobile rang during the day from an unknown local number. Charlie was on the line again and apparently back in my town. He was distracted and unfocused and I let him ramble for a while before I made my excuses and hung up. A few weeks after that, he rang again. This time I was heading out for a meeting so I shut the call down quickly. He rang again the next day but, when I answered, he hesitated for a few seconds before disconnecting the call. I shrugged and blocked his number, bored with the whole thing.

A week later, my phone rang again with an unknown local number. Charlie, again. I called him out for hanging up on me, he apologized before launching into a long story about how his life was a mess, and he told me he was packing up and heading back to Australia for good. He mumbled something about maybe catching up for dinner and I said sure, give me a date and I'll let you know if I'm free. He sounded happy with that, said ‘great', then launched into another long, disconnected tale. I let him ramble, wished him well, and went to hang up.

However, Charlie, clearly drunk again, had not hung up his end. His voice, clear and non-slurred for once, came down the line. "Dammit, wrong woman. Why do I keep ringing her number by mistake?"

I stabbed my finger at the disconnect button, utterly annoyed and unsure whether I had been set up or not. I blocked his number.

Two weeks later, another unknown number called from Australia. Charlie. I was cool, I got off the phone quickly, and I blocked his number. This happened twice more, the calls coming from two more unknown numbers that I chose not to answer before blocking, and I still don't know if ended up blocking a call from anyone in Australia who I really wanted to hear from.

I am also still not sure whether he intended me to hear him when that conversation was over, or whether it was genuinely an accident and he had simply forgotten to hang up. However, Charlie clearly has multiple issues.

Good luck, Charlie.

This actually goes a little bit of both ways.

We were visiting family abroad. My uncle is some sort of company bigwig and a lot of people from different departments report to him. For this reason, he's always getting calls from work at all hours of the day.

It was late at night and we driving to a restaurant when, surprise surprise, someone from work calls. Since he was the one driving, he picked it up on Bluetooth.

The guy on the other end started talking about some sort of problem in the company, I can't remember exactly what it was, but it seemed important.

My uncle tried to tell him that he was currently unavailable since he was with family, but the guy on the other end kept cutting him off and insisting that he really needed help with some project or the other.

Now my uncle started to get really irritated. I'm not too sure what the discussion was about, but apparently the guy had messed something up big-time. My uncle attempted to refer him to other people within the company who could help him, but the guy just wouldn't have it. Eventually, my uncle raised his voice and angrily told him that he was going to dinner with family that he hasn't seen in years, so the guy better find someone else to help him and that he was hanging up.

Now, this is where it gets funny.

My uncle hung up the call and let out a long sigh.

My other uncle who was with us at the time found the whole situation absolutely hysterical. Now, he's known to make jokes at the expense of others. He doesn't have any ill-intent, he's just a huge tease. Naturally, he started cracking jokes left and right about the guy, and eventually the entire car had joined in.

For almost 5 minutes we laughed and mocked the poor guy on the other end. I'll admit, it was mean of us to do that. But in our defense, none of us had met the guy so we were just messing around; the attacks were in no way personal.

Now, my uncle had hung up on the phone using bluetooth by using the buttons on his steering wheel. It was very dark at the time, and he usually had a driver, so he wasn't too familiar with the layout of the car; it wouldn't be surprising if he misclicked.

This was exactly the case, as we soon found out, when the virtual assistant said in a very calm tone "The call has been disconnected."

Wait. What?

The car went dead silent as we realized exactly what happened. The call had been active for the last 5 minutes and the poor guy on the other end had heard everything.

The jokes that were meant to stay in the car somehow found themselves miles away. No one dared to say anything more.

My joking-uncle eventually decided to break the silence.

"Well," he said in a perfectly neutral tone, "have fun dealing with him tomorrow."

I have two stories for you, one where I was the antagonist and one where I was the protagonist.

I used to work at a call center for a mortgage company. I have to leave the name out, since there's a pretty high chance I spoke to a few people on here.

I received a phone call from a gentleman who wanted me to waive a late fee; however, due to a newly implemented, rule we could no longer waive correctly assessed fees, regardless of the circumstances. I explained this to him, and he was pretty upset but still polite. I could understand. After all, if it was my situation, I would want my late fee waived. I wasn't going to put my job at risk though, so I stayed firm in my answer. He says "Have a good day" and acts like he is hanging up, but the call continued. Now, it's important to note that we were not allowed to hang up on the customer. Since we were still in the call technically, I couldn't hang up. This is what I heard from him on his end:

"I'm tired of these minimum wage punk ass kids acting like they own the world. What a fucking jackass! I bet he has a shitty life too. Man, I wish I had told him to suck my dick. I wish I had been more mean to him. Fuck it."

That's when I piped in.

"Uhh..hello sir?"

He let out an "oh shit" and hung up. Moral of the story? Don't bad mouth your customer service agent when they're on the damn phone with you.

Now for my screwup.

This was at the same job doing the same thing, although a few months later. I was used to people trash talking me, both to my face and after the call had "ended." I was on a long call with an older woman who kept dragging on and on. She wasn't mean at all, but I really wanted to go on my lunch break and she was my last call before I could go.

*Side note, most customer service agent have a nifty mute button they can press so they can talk shit about you without you hearing them*

My coworker asked me what was taking so long, so I pressed the mute button and replied, "This stupid bitch won't get off the phone. She just keeps talking about her grandson and why he won't pay for her shit. If you were old, would you make your poor kid pay for everything?!"

Then I heard the gal in the phone say, "Well then, I guess I'll call back for someone else." *Click*

I hadn't actually pressed my mute button. I pressed some other button and didn't realize it. I felt horrible. She never reported it; I would have known because I would have been fired if she had. Still, I feel really bad about the whole deal. Who wants to hear that from their customer service agent?!

If Apple (company) is the most valuable company then why is Google's share value more than Apple's?

Just bcoz., you can "search Apple" in google for free and you need to pay the same for "search google" in apple !!! Service always got high impact on Product..!!

How are iPad screens fixed or replaced?

In case of a fall, the big screen of the iPad often ends up in a thousand pieces ... Replacing the broken screen of an iPad is rather difficult, but not impossible if one is really motivated.Before doing anything, discharge any static electricity

Which has better ROI, data science or mechanical engineering?

Depends on the field and application.Some DS, can have great returns, if plotted unto big data and co-relative data analytics in tandem with market fluxuations and corporate policying etc.As for Engineering..Well, Engineering needs a product and a label, so, that won't escape that department either..Which has the better ROI?Still, defined by subject, defined by market,