What if England never existed?

People would be having English history in Scotland. so William the Conqueror would have landed in Scotland and fought the kings there.

with a far smaller overall population i dont know if scotland would have become the major power it actually became united with England.

Does Wales still exist? If so it would be an island, no? So people would have colonised that island but much like Ireland, nothign too much happens there for most of world history.

France would replace the british empire as the dominant world power for many centuries. and from there, world history is altered in ways you can barely even predict. maybe nothing ever stops France and they immediately crush any rivals. in the East, China would have been even stronger, since theyd permanently own Taiwan.

Everyone in the USA (which likly isnt called that. more like "new france") would speak french and/or spanish.

Well, for one thing, if England never existed (in a geological sense), then people would at least be extremely puzzled as to why the south side of the Scottish Isle is completely flat for its entire length. It would be quite the natural phenomena and probably a crazy tourist attraction (in modern times).

What was your biggest culture shock going to Malaysia?

A couple of things actually:Absence of knives: a non-plastic knife is only found in more upscale food places; usually you would be only given a spoon and a fork OR chopsticks and Chinese spoonSometimes poor hygiene: from dirty food courts were foodstall workers wash dishes in a single bucket and often put

Have you ever stopped or shot someone breaking into your house and what happened?

No, I have not. No one has broken in since I have lived there, although that might also be because of the Great Danes we have as well.