What if I believe I have lost my true love?

There is no such thing as "lost true love". True love don't die, It's only set aside. Think of it just like a phoenix. When the time comes, that true love will emerge again. it could be in a difference place, different person, or in another, better YOU. Just remember to always open your eyes with all the possibilities. True love is everywhere. Be the spark to give life to the phoenix.

If you believe so, then you can either live your life without marrying anyone (since your true love is no more) or marry someone and ruin someone's life. It's your choice.

However, are you sure your love was true? I believe true love never gives up. There is no such thing as break up in true love. I believe that whoever gave up on their love (no matter what the situation is) didn't love truly.

Example : A boy and girl love each other. At the time of marriage talks, they are forced to be separated because of caste problem. Is this true love? Breaking up due to parental pressure or caste problems or society.. No!! Had they fought their entire life for their love, then that's true love.

See you think you love someone very truly, they break up with you and they leave even though you didn't cheat. Then someone else comes into your life and loves you. This relationship has much more problems but you both never gave up on your love and stood up for it. Now that's true love.

In simple words, if either of you lost your love, then it is not true love.

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