What if Italy never united?

Italy was united from 1861, but it is a country like it is today only from 1946.

Until 1946 Italy was mostly Rome+regions, with strong push and pulls for independance.

The most autonomous regions are Valle d'Aosta, Trentino, Friuli Venezia Giulia and the two islands, Sardegna and Sicilia. They still today have very large autonomies in taxes and economy.

Every Italian citizen in the north knows French or Deutsch, and dialects are still strong.

If Italy was never united, northern Italy would be annexed to France, Switzerland, Austria and Croatia.

Sardegna would be French and Sicily a terra franca like Malta or Cyprus.

How soon can one fall in love?

The feelings of love can come very quickly, especially for the young, whose emotions are strong and untempered with bad experiences.  We call it puppy love or a crush if you don't really know the person you have feelings for.  The feelings can

What should you never say or do in South Korea?

# 1. Admiring Kim Jong-un: you'd be arrested.# 2. Calling Dokdo as Takeshima, and say it's the island of Japan: you'll be cursed and could get beaten nearly to death from many furious Koreans. you'd be killed in their mind more than a thousand times.I think this is the most important thing than # 1 to those who're

Do Americans have more freedom than third world countries?

That question is overly broad, generalizes all 3rd world countries as the same, and calls into question what