What if Jesus had been cremated?

Assuming here he'd been burned and returned to life:

If he'd been crucified and then the body burned to offend Jews, a symbol like the Methodist holy fire wrapped around a cross would be THE universal Christian standard, not a minor sect.

The Ash Wednesday ceremony would become the Easter standard. We'd have burning bowls a la Buddhism and burn reminders of our sins so that the ash can be scattered to the windows or buried in a garden to spring hope anew.

Far more of the New Testament stories would refer to holy fires, not holy lights. Baptized by water and by fire would have more emotional weight.

The Catholic church would have no complaints about cremation, since Jesus did it. Fast forward a millennia, and you wouldn't have nearly as many Christian churches built out of bones or the Parisian crypts.

Walking hot coals and passing through the fire would be kosher with Christianity (pun intended).

Christianity would have appropriated the Phoenix myth and used that instead of the butterfly as a symbol of transformation.

Would have made no difference as He was resurrected as a spirit being and materialized many different bodies when He appeared to His disciples after His death. We know this as many times the scriptures indicate that they did not recognize Him when He appeared to them.

Have you ever heard of the "Phoenix"? (Phoenix (mythology) - Wikipedia)

If a bird can do it, imagine God himself.

What happened to the 170 German prisoners who stayed in Japan after the end of WW1?

During their internment the prisoners formed an orchestra which performed over a hundred concerts between 1917 and 1920, including at nearby Ryƍzen-ji.[1][2]On 1 June 1918 the prisoners mounted the first performance of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony in the country. This event is the origin of the popularity

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As an American of Nordic heritage, I have spent some time visiting those countries and have spent time in Norway, Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. There are different surprises in the different places, but none of them brought me into full-form culture shock:Paying $35.00 for a hamburger in Oslo was

What is more important love or marriage?

The first important thing is "love".The destination of love is marriage. So if there is no love, marriage cannot happen.The marriage without love doesn't last long.Even if two people are getting married without love, they should find love between them after so that they have long lasting and happy married life.But for marriage, the financial problems