What if Malaysia was never colonized?

Malaysia will be like what Malaysia today because Malaysia never been colonized.

If it never was colonized and manage to stay that way across the world wars then peninsular malaysia would prettyy much be called melaka, or malaysia aswell. Singapore will stay as part of johor. Northern malay states such as the pattani region will either be their own states or join melaka if melaka decide to defend them from siam.

Its an interesting what if situation because we are one of the best in terms of military and economy back then. If only Si Kitol have a higher integrity to not sold out his country to the frickin portuguese

We would become like Thailand. Thailand was never colonized by imperialist yet today Thailand is in a political chaos. The military has seized the government many times. So, problems arise when there are people. We can never run away.

How come western european empires never expanded into Africa or Asia before the invention of guns?

They did. The Roman Empire included both African and Asian territories, and the Crusaders, who can be regarded as an extension of an alliance of mostly western European powers, briefly took territory in the Middle East, which is a region of western Asia (this ignores the Byzantines and Alexander the Great, but to the extent they

What should I do on vacation? I am only 17.

Take as much rest as you can...Play as much as you can...Take up some activity/hobby you would like to develop on.Make a wish list with things you want to do before you are 18 or 20 and finish them..!!!!