What if Poland had accepted Hitlers ultimatum?

Adolf Hitler offered Poland a full Military Alliance ,which was rejected . He had excellent relations with Marshall Pilsudski , the Polish Military Hero ,who had defeated Stalin in 1920 . They signed a Non Agression Pact in 1933 , which held until the new Polish Military Junta , took over after Pilsudski death which was lamented by Adolf Hitler ,with Herman Goring ,who would hunt with Pidulski , remembering him in the Reichstag ' All rise for Marshall Pidulski ' , and attended his funeral . Hitler went to a memorial. The French Government tore up the Treaty Of Lorcano , and Poland joined them in a defacto alliance after this ...Pilsudski successors an Anti German Military Junta. Danzig had voted to return to Germany under International Observation. Hitler was more pro Poland then his Establishment Foreign Office , which thought Poland was " an abomination ". He truly saw the Polish State as a natural Ally against the Soviet Union. Even after the defeat of Poland ,and late in the war , Hitler / Himmler tried with some success, to turn the Polish Underground into an ally against the Soviet Union. If Poland would of let the Reich take back Danzig , especially before Hitler HAD to jump the West from getting an Alliance with Stalin , with his Non Agression Pact with Moscow ( he found distasteful ) , Hitler would of worked to get a full Alliance with Poland ,and built the roads ,and infrastructure for them as promised. England and France would of had NO pretext to Declare War On Germany, and Stalin could not of entererd Poland without a fight from the Poles not inconsiderable Military , and even Germany . There has been so much haze and lies about that period ,to cover the British and French Empires Declared War on Germany September 3 39, and the Polish Military Junta preference for London and Paris ;which delivered Poland to false promises then , and post war . But Polish Nationalist thinking was very anti German , and believed in the slogan : " Onto Berlin " . They mobilized August 30 ,and Hitler jumped them . See The Gleiwitz Incident VK Clark, Hitler's War David Irving, The Epic Story Of Waffen SS Leon Degrelle You Tube, Hitler Born At Versaille Leon Degrelle. The Greatest Story Never Told You Tube. The Mysterious Death Of General Sikorsky ,David Irving ....Churchill orders him assinnated for his recognition of Allied betrayal , his daughter died too !

What is inside an empty room?

Technically, nothing. If the room is truely empty, the room should be devoid of all matter, and therefore, the room is a vacuum with absolutely nothing inside it.Howvever, practically, the room is most likely filled with air, the most common, unavoidable gas within Earth's atmosphere. That

Did Nepal want to join India when India got freedom from Britisher?

No .As per freedom agreement Nepal ,Sikkim and Bhutan had no full independence They were protectorates of India .Defence and External Affairs were with India .Our leaders never exerted our rights and Nepal became free .Sikkim joined India .Let us see what will be fate of Bhutan .

Why is South Africa a developing country?

The underlying pace of expansion of national income – known by economists as the trend rate of growth – is held back by a number of key features:Two speed economyTourism, banking and finance, some parts of mining and farming doing wellSlower growth in many informal urban industries, traditional manufacturing and many parts