What if humans were actually sent to earth?

Humans evolved on Earth from earlier living things in an unbroken chain of life reaching back over a very long time. The Theory of Evolution and its predictive abilities is one of the most powerful tools ever uncovered by scientific method. If Humans were sent to Earth observations using the Theory of Evolution would likely spot it immediately.

The observations say... Humans are from Earth.

There are several well known science fiction stories that are based on this idea. And there are even some religions that claim this is how humans originated on earth. The mind of man can come up with all sorts of ideas like this. However the evidence that this actually happened is mighty slim.

Everything produce here only. There are thousands of species on earth. Do you ever saw anything fall from sky? Its not a big deal for, who created everything on earth so easily. Even mother don't aware at least 3-4 months.

Stop watching Star Trek and start reading books on evolution. I recommend Richard Dawkin's books The Blind Watchmaker and his later book Climbing Mount Improbable. Also, books by Stephen Jay Gould and his essays in older issues of Natural History Magazine. Ask your local library if they have these if you can't afford to buy books.

What could humans offer to aliens?

Well, we are a naturally aggressive species.As many SciFi writers have told stories of aliens kidnapping humans, almost all those kidnapped were Soldiers. Romans. Greek Hoplite. Waffen SS (the French Government - Devil's Guard - Wikipedia). Various Special Forces. ETC.If you believe that Aliens exist. Can traverse the distances of interstellar space.

What are the most colorful fish I can keep in a 10 gallon tank?

If you haven't picked yet, I have a suggestion.Chili Rasboras (Borraras Brigittae) are great little fish, only growing to about an inch max, but more likely 3/4 of an inch. You could keep a school of 12 in there with NO

What are some ways to make hospital food taste better?

Choose a hospital where they are known to have good food. Seriously, that's the way to have great food while in a hospital. Ask around if you know relatives, coworkers or friends have stayed in a local hospital. Look online for reviews. You can try to take