What if the Europeans never came to India?

Off the top of my head:

India might well be much richer in terms of natural resources, for a start.

There might be no pockets of French or Portuguese speaking communities in India.

The state of ‘Bengal' would be much larger.

English might not have as prominent a status as it has now. One of the many Indian languages would have a more prominent status as means of communication with the outside world, more foreigners would have had to learn Hindi or this other language.

Indians would not be such big tea afficionados.

There would be no Gin n Tonic.

The Europeans might have started taking daily baths much later.

  1. India was like America and America was like poor india.
  2. European not came to India. Our India was very very develop and latest technology in our India.



Have you heard something called "The Great Game"

Read it on wikipedia or wherever

Long story short, Asia would be called Russia.

What is the most gruesome moment in comics?

I'm going to go with The Sentry killing Ares during Marvel's Siege, Issue #2.

How did Britain finance the Second World War?

Various measures were put forth by the British Government to pay for the war effort including the Cash and carry (World War II) policy which allowed for neutrality during the beginning stages of World War 2 by allowing Britain to purchase materials as long as they transported the material and paid in cash, various

Why should I never visit Denmark?

Why should I never visit Denmark?First, some Danes just don't really like visitors even though they (we?) might love your money.Second, getting around in Denmark is not that easy without a rented or owned car, and some of the most interesting places might not be found in large towns.