What if the day came that a very powerful extraterrestrial came to earth and decided that children of Earth are going to make all the decisions from now on. what would happen?

It will end very badly, as ?all? most implementations of Jean Jacque Rousseau's philosophy have. Ask the victims of the Khmer Rouge, who empowered children to make life and death decisions, because of their purity and lack of contamination. Read about the tragedies of Cambodia, whose government believed that children are naturally born pure, but corrupted later. It is naive in the extreme to think uneducated, untested and inexperienced people will automatically solve our problems and create a utopia.

Everybody is somebody's child...

So technically the children of Earth already run the planet..

Now, if you meant. YOUNG children.. then..

Nap time would replace work starting around 2ish, the food pyramid would be desserts and every day would be halloween or christmas.

Also, huge playgrounds would replace schools and other "boring" places.

What is the Joker's real name? How did the Joker become so insane? Who is the Joker?

That really depends on what continuity you follow. Batman (1989) it was Jack Napier and he fell into a vat of chemicals; Gotham TV Show has someone else (his name is escaping me right now) who went crazy by Scarecrow's chemical gas. In current DC comics continuity there are three

How can excel use AutoCAD?

Excel and Autocad are both tools which WE use to accomplish tasks. There are several tasks that require both AutoCAD and and Excel in part at different stages.You could design workflow to use both of them efficiently in a

What do you feel when you look to the night sky?

I feel insignificant, but also like I can do anything.When I look up into the darkness that is my sky, I see nothing but black. Nothing, except perhaps one small glimmering star which has made its way through the rest of the darkness. Even though every other star isn't able to be seen, I still see