What if you live with someone you hate?

I have experience boarding school, living in Nurses homes, living in bedsit land in London and finally had to share a room with someone for 6 months on a course in my 50's. I am a loner to the point I go to extreme lengths not to live with other people. My darling husband has Aspergers and we have separate bedrooms and different areas of the house that we tend to roost. We have enormous respect for one another's needs.

Right, your situation. I would leave if I could. I have run away from so many situations like this it isn't funny. But I was a very broken person. Thing is, why do you hate this person? Why waste so much energy? Set boundaries on the relationship with mutually agreed to areas of respect for each other. Talk to the person if you can. I used to spend a lot of time out walking or plugged into my ipod. Nurture relationships with people you you do like.
What are good 6 minute exercises to get 6 pack abs at home?

Hi Yashh Kotecha,Thanks for the query. More than the exercise it is the diet which will give you the results. If you're doing the variations with only 20 to 30 seconds intervals in between a 6-minute routine is fine. But doing just one set of the

I'm 16 and planning to hit the gym, how long will it take for me to see results?

Dear Anonymous,What you need is 21 days of intense workout to actually see an express result on your build and body strength. But you need to be ready for what is needed to achieve this.Now since you are still

Why do most people fear what they don't understand?

I completely agree with what Ian and LeRoy have already written, and just want to add that the amygdala (that small ancient part of your brain that is responsible, in part, for the flight-or-flight assessment) doesn't need full and complete information to activate. If something is "close enough" to a threat, your amygdala will