What impact have steroids taken on your life?

Without sounding or getting to emotional The answer is... life changing.

As a kid I dealt with deep, deep depression. There are things here I won't mention about my upbringing, but you can use your imagination. I have only in the last 3 years started to talk about my depression and things that happened when I was very young.

As I grew older things got much worse. I found lifting weights. I massively helped my self-esteem. Not so much on how I looked but accomplishing goals, doing things I was always told I couldn't do. If I worked out I felt better. When I didn't I felt horrible, sad, lost.

I knew I had massive issues with depression and I tried so many times to reach out for help. Coming from a hard core religious family I was told to keep asking jesus for help. Needless to say, same as my childhood, there was no answer. This went on for all of my formative years up till high school. I still tried. I found comfort and release with working out. When I took time away from it I ended up drinking and using drugs to dumb down all the things I had in my head.

The first time I used steroids I felt completely different. Like I still had the same good feelings I had before when working out but now more elevated.

Some would say this was a placebo effect. All I could say is that I had a overall sense of wellbeing I hadn't had before.

As the years rolled on I still loved lifting weights, following bodybuilding, and I still used steroids off and on throughout the years.

A few years back after having ZERO negative side effects from the use of steroids I had my first bad experience I talk about it on our blog here-


After that was over I still to this day continue to use steroids and train. 30 years.

For some people they hear steroids and think of poison. I can tell you from someone that has used as long as I have, you come to look at it the same as you would creatine or protein powder after some time. It's just another supplement.

And having worked with doctors monitoring my use and getting my blood work done, I HAVE NEVER HAD AN ISSUE OTHER THAN SLIGHTLY HIGH HEMOBLOBIN LEVELS.

I donate regularly and that keeps it under control, I talk about it here-


High blood pressure runs in my family and I work hard on it. Its normal except after very intense workouts.

The only time I have had elevated liver values was after a new years get away that I drank a lot of alcohol. I have since stopped drinking altogether.
 So the question was what impact has steroids taken on my life?

- I learned so much about how the body works and what is actually happening that I have a better understanding of my body than the average person could ever hope to in their wildest imagination.

- Not just steroids but their role in my training has opened doors for me that would have been very hard if I would have had a closed mind like most of the population.

- I'm on TRT in between cycles, and I can tell you that at my age I have a love life that people half my age could only dream about.

- I'm a healthy steroid user. After some ridicule from family, I have offered a side by side blood test to anyone in my family offering $1000 if they had better results than I have. They all have declined. Funny how people who's bellybutton covers their privates are so passionate about how steroid use will kill you, but when offered a real pepsi challenge won't take it.

- From a overall well-being situation I can say that exercise saved my life... over and over and over and over.

My girlfriend and I just watch Ronnie Colman "The King" on Netflix over the weekend. It was horribly sad so see such a great athlete in such pain.

My girlfriend asked what I would do if I couldn't work out anymore. My answer was simply, I'd rather die.

I know this was long but it's my day off, I saw this question, I thought I'd respond.

I hope that helps

I know some people will think this is stupid and won't get it.. It's not for you to get


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