What incident made you cry in public?

Okay.. here i'm sharing my story..

I still has those four hours of my journey before my eyes.

I was traveling from Gorakhapur(home) to Agartala(college). My mother tried her well in cancelling my journey as she doesn't wanted me to leave on Saturday (She believes Saturday is not a good day for my family to start some work or to go other places due to some past happened incidents on this day).......... I don't believe such things so i started my journey in Amarnath express (my name too is amarnath).

Sleeper ticket was not confirmed so i was compelled to go in general coach. You know it will take more than 26 hours to travel from Gorakhapur to Guwahati by train..somehow i was to manage everything..."Anand" my friend was also with me.

Got seat to sit,i was relaxed and started to count hours and stations.

Leaving Uttar Pradesh,travelling some parts of Bihar in 10 hours...it was 8 AM around ,someone just displaced my hand bag rudely to have some space.

Now stop for sometime ..i wanna tell you what exactly was there in that bag.

My whole life was there in form of documents.

Yup , starting from Birth certificate and ending to btech admission letter......Highschool marksheet,Intermediate marksheet,other certificate of intermediate,ATM card,DD of fee submission,every id cards,some Education loan papers,income certificate,passbooks and much more thing i can't mention all...

Whatever i has everything was inside that..

Now come to journey again, when someone displaced my bag rudely i stopped him to do the same as actually there was my laptop also into that bag, So i said ..Go gently man....there is lappy inside it.

You know,thieves have the best ear and eyes, and with such ear and eyes a person was there nearby my seat.

Scroll Down..it's interesting story.

Crowd starts to occupy space ,One Gentleman said me hey bro.. no need to be bother i have a shawl tied both sided there i will let you keep your bag there for safety of your lappy.

I was happy to find that gentleman...Anand was silently watching everything and was thinking how to raise pointer in upcoming semester...

Gentleman said to me ..i will get out of train next station muzaffarpur ,plz don't let anyone else sit here...i agreed.

We arrived new station ...although i was totally paying attention to my bag and gentlemen's seat but a 1 minute removal of my eye contact to bag..let someone exchanged my bag with his bag.

I was still thinking that there's a bag that belongs to me..and exactly i was unable to know that i am seeing different bag.

Train again starts and has speed..

I was bother about why Gentleman didn't come yet.

Immediately My mind said....fuck the gentleman .check your bag...ohh God Gentleman flew away with my bag....

Although train was running but not left platform i jumped out of train.. Anand also stopped thinking about semester pointer.

Now i was on platform..and my boot was on rail track.People outside and inside the train were staring at me.

police scolded me but my eyes were searching for Gentleman (the thieve)..i roam here and there ..have my eyes every corner but i didn't find him..he vanished.

So i ,alone on platform who couldn't move either of side.. started crying there in public. I decided to go home after 4 hours..took ticket and moved in train for home..

Here the twist comes...

My phone rang..one of my school friend did call me and asked..hey have u lost something bro?..i said.there is nothing which i didn't lost ..as i already told the incident to one of my friend i thought he spread the matter to others also..so i said him ..now i am coming to home.

He said ..luggage mil gaya(luggage is found)..i was astonished how thieve can reach in up again covering 12 hours distance in just 4 hours.

Ok ...the matter happened like that..thieve after befooling me went directly to shop for selling it..when he was asked for document ..he didn't give anything the shopkeeper had doubt and snatched my document file..he understood the whole matter and threatened him to go away.

He checks everything but didn't find any contacts of mine in my file...but luckily... my brother left his diary in my file mistakenly that was having one only one contact number(saikat bhaiya) (so he contacted that number..and told the whole matter..again saikat bhaiya contacted my one classmate who called me and gave shopkeeper contact number)

I again jumped out from running train ,this time i was able to manage my boot and moved to shopkeeper's address .

Didn't meet thieve but got everything..

Thanks God....

I was a regular DTC bus traveller in Delhi, I used to go for work from Patparganj to Okhla. There was no direct metro for me and in the name of public transport DTC bus service is cheapest in its class. I used to take bus no. 534 from nearest bus-stop which routes between Anand Vihar bus station and Mahrauli. The journey of this bus is certainly amazing, you can see all sort of people and all sort of localities in your journey. Mine was just a part of journey and believe me after travelling the same route for more than a year, you no longer look outside the window. However, the bus in the office time was always so full that I hardly remember a day when I got the window seat, or any seat for that matter. These were low-floor buses of two variants. The red-AC bus in which the prices of tickets are like: Rs. 10, Rs. 15 and Rs. 25 for different distances. The other variety is green-NON-AC bus in which the fares are like Rs. 5, Rs. 10 and Rs. 15. Obviously the green buses were mostly heavily crowded while the red buses still had some space but still no seats. This is an even of 2011, I don't remember what is the cost of making a bus pass these days, but in those days it costed me Rs. 950 for getting a monthly bus pass which was valid in both ac and non-ac buses. I used to take any of the buses from the stop which came first. However some days, it was impossible to get into buses because they were too much crowded. And quite obviously getting out of the buses was equally difficult. Those who are weak should not even think of getting into such buses. But even after all these odds, people had no other ways of commuting to work.

I remember a day so vividly that made me cry in that bus in front of all the people. As always I somehow rushed into a red-AC bus which was almost packed by humans. But thanks to air-condition that actually works in those buses, the environment inside the bus is somewhat soothing doesn't matter how much crowded it is. The stand I got in from is called Prince Apartment Bus Stand, another person with big beards and a skull-cap also rushed inside the bus with me. I simply told the conductor (ticket collector) that I had a monthly pass; the conductor didn't even ask me to show him the pass. But he asked that man in sky-blue shirt who got into bus with me from same stand to buy the ticket. The conductor asked the bearded man where he wants to go. The man said, "Noida Mode (local language otherwise it is called Noida Crossing)", the conductor asked him for Rs. 15. The man said, "it only costs Rs. 5 in other buses, why are you asking for more money." The conductor said, in a very joking manner, "that is a different bus, this is AC bus". Then the conductor whistled and asked the driver to stop the bus and open the door. It was not even the next bus stand, the bus had hardly covered 500 meters. One or two people looked at the poor bearded man but nobody really heeded at that man properly as if it was a daily affair for them. I was still standing with that man. I without even thinking whether that man can afford or not explained him that in green bus, it costs Rs. 5 to Noida Crossing but in this red bus the fares are little more. The man didn't get out of the bus, the door was open but he insisted on not getting out of the bus. The conductor then shouted to the driver to close the door and keep on driving. The conductor also threatened the man that on next bus-stop there are ticket-checkers who will fine him Rs. 200 for not buying the ticket. The man in hurry took Rs. 10 note out of his pocket and said, "how much for mother-dairy". Mother-dairy is not far from Noida-crossing bus-stop but the rules are somewhat awkward. Up to particular bus-stand you are supposed to pay Rs. 5 and after that suddenly your fare becomes Rs. 10. Normally we don't think this way but a person who has earnings so less that moving from Rs. 5 to Rs. 10 looks a big deal, will hardly think of spending double the amount just for another 10 meters of walk.

The man had bought Rs. 10 ticket up to Mother Dairy, but the bus got heavily crowded in between. The bearded man kept on standing with me, I had folded the news-paper to editorial article and I was reading the same. There was not much space but I had adjusted myself somehow. I advised him to go the front door since the driver might not open the rear door in case there are no incoming passengers. The bearded man didn't pay much heed to my advice. He just smiled and said, "there are many incoming passengers everywhere". It being a city-bus I also considered that man to a daily commuter and I didn't repeat my advice twice. Then came the Mother Dairy bus stand, there were no incoming passengers, and the driver conveniently opened the front door, few people got out of the bus, the bearded man rushed to back door and shouted, "open the door". The conductor callously denied the request and asked driver to move ahead. In hurry the bearded man now rushed towards the front door of the bus, he somehow pushed himself through the crowd and reached the front-door. When he was pushing himself, I saw his slipper fell down on the floor. It was so much crowded that once the slipper fell on the floor, it was impossible to find it. But shouted, "your chappals have gotten out", understanding that the man was still not aware or may be in too much hurry of getting out, I found his slippers from bus-floor and followed that man. The front-door was still not closed, but the bus had started to move, the man jumped out of the moving bus, he managed himself but I saw him outside the window with only one slipper. His other slipper was in my hands, I requested the driver the slow-down and open the door. The doors of these buses are pneumatically operated so there is a little lag between the command that the driver has given and actual closing of the doors. The doors were almost about to be closed and I reached in front, I managed to throw the other slipper out of the bus but it fell in the middle of the road. I saw that man trying to get to his slipper, which was lying down in-between the road where speeding vehicles were moving from two sides. That man looked at me so helplessly from outside, I started crying. I couldn't help myself but tears didn't stop at all. There were people in the bus looking at my helplessness. I saw few more eyes were also moistened. I first thought of reprimanding the driver, I looked at him, but looking at tears in my eyes he also looked at me helplessly, he commented, " sahab, sabke liye aise his rokne lagenge to aap logo ko kaam par kab pahuchayenge (if we'll stop for everybody then how will you people reach work on time). It was all heated-up outside, the asphalt on road might be burning like hell-fire. How that man would have made it to his work without slippers I have no idea. More than slippers I just couldn't picture a man walking on the road barefoot just because one of his slippers got lost in bus. Later on I thought that loosing your slippers might not have been such a big deal but at that moment the way you feel is beyond explanation.

I was confused, whose mistake was it, the person who unknowingly didn't follow the rule (not getting to the front door for getting out) or the driver who was simply doing his duty.

Little poor fellows selling balloons is a regular eye in Delhi.

Most of the time, I ignore them doubting if they are actually in need of help/money.

This happened to me around 1 month back. I was eating kulfi faluda with one of my friend in a local market.

And as usual there were few kids making pity faces and asking everyone to purchase their balloons.

Prelude: I was about to take an exam which i have failed already .Since it was a lab one i needed a machine (Laptop or server) with min 16 GB ,after checking in multiple shops and finally found one.

Scene 1 July 22nd 3:00pm : Calling x computers for taking a laptop for rent .After completing all the formalities delivery guy of 45+ years comes to handover the laptop.

Me : sir aap isko boot karke dhikao

Him: sir hum to itne pade likhe nahi hain ,aap jo bolte woah sahi

Me: teek hai (After checking the config finally got pissed off bcoz of the OS installed was windows 7 prof and that itself takes 4 GB of RAM) out of frustration Mein ne apke companyko pehle hi bola tha ki 16GB chahiye ...abh saala yeh OS chaar GB khaa liya Mein bhaki bharaah mein kya karoon .


Me : Sir can you please boot the Laptop ?

Him: Im not as educated as you .if you say it works fine i take it sir.

Me : After booting found Win 7 prof consuming 4GB RAM .Out of frustration Already OS has swallowed 4GB what can i do with the rest ?I already informed about the same to your company .

Picked up the phone and shouted out of frustration that i already failed once because of lack of practice and now again i m getting screwed .The delivery guy was silently watching all these and as per their engineer ,they will install another OS and give the same by next day.I said ok fine and deliver to my home at ABC address.

Scene 2 July 22nd Night 7:30 pm :

Delivery Guy : Sir aap abhi office phe hain kya ,Laptop teek ho gaya .

Me: Nahi yaar ,nikal chuka hoon ,aap kal dhe dhena

Him : Sir Aap agar raste me leh sakthe ho kya ,Mein aa jaunga

Me : Phir se agar nahi hua tho...teek hai aap Marathahalli bridge phe aa jao

Translation :

Him: Sir Are you at office ? laptop is fine now .

Me: No man ive already left can you deliver tomorrow .

Him : Sir can you pick this up on your way i can come down .

Me: If the same problem occurs again ,with some little hope reached Marathahalli bridge.

After waiting for 30 mins finally he came ,offered him some snacks and conversation went like

Him: Exam bahut takheef hai kya ,itna pareshan lag rahe ho ..

Me: Yaar mehanga hai isliyae dubara fail nahi hona hai na .

Him: Isliye mein aaj hi lekhe aya sir .aap pass ho jaoge .

Me : Thanku ji lekhin nahi chala to kal call karunga ...Aap kidar rahte ho

He told me a place which is 30 kms away from the meeting point .Gave him 300Rs auto pakadke jao itna dher ho gaya .

Translation :

Him : Sir is your exam very tough ? why are you so nervous ?

Me : Its expensive and i dont want to fail again .

Him: Thats y i ve come today ..Dont worry sir you will pass this time for sure .

Me: Thanks a lot .I will call you if it doesn't work .

He called me the next day to ask if everything is fine .

Scene3: Aug 8th :

Me : Sir Pass ho gaya ,aap laptop lekhe jao .

He came to my office in the noon .

Him : Bola na sir aap pass ho jaoge ...sacchi mehnath waste nahi hoga sir .

Me having no clue what to say, tears in my eyes and in the reception hugged him in front of all.

Translation :

Me: Sir ,i passed the exam ,can you please take back the laptop.

Him: Sir i told you right you will pass ,hard-work never fails .

Life doesn't let you down ,if you are down it wakes you by someways .Be positive and stay cheerful .

PS : Me and Delivery guy .

May, 2001: Mumma, Papa, my brother(3.5 yrs older) and me - a typical Indian middle class family with my father being the only earner in our house. Occasional movies, dinner every month. What else do you want?

I was 10 and it was the season of summer vacation. Yay!. My father had planned an awesome family trip to Mumbai for us this holiday. Everything was set. A week before our departure, me and my brother wanted to get a haircut so our father took us to the local barber shop. We were on our way home on bike later that evening when we met with an accident.

Everything moved so fast. Next thing I know, I was standing in a hospital, my brother sitting next to me with a nurse attending to some scratches he had sustained. I peeked into another room and saw some doctors operating on my father. My mother arrived a few minutes later.

Doctors recommended to move my father to another hospital. In order to keep the ambulance less crowded, my mother went in the ambulance with my father whereas me and my brother were sent to our neighbors place to stay where we ended up praying all night. When the sun rose, our neighbor escorted us back to our home.

The moment I entered the house, I could see my father laying on a thick slab of ice on the ground, eyes closed, a lot of people sitting around, incense burning in a corner and my mother sitting half conscious next to my father, with relatives trying to feed her glucose-water.

I stood at the door, zapped, trying to understand what had happened, I wanted to cry so bad but tears were just not coming out of my eyes. I couldn't cry. Days passed by, I couldn't really pour out my emotions. I stayed at my home, didn't used to talk to anyone. I just wanted to be alone.

Soon the vacations were over and it was the first day in school after 2 months. None of my teachers knew what had happened and this was the first time I was outside my home after the tragedy.

The whole school used to gather in the auditorium for the morning assembly. We were singing songs from the song book, when I saw my school teacher gesturing me to come in front of the line where she was standing. I had no clue what this was about.

My class teacher was a kind person. She asked me as politely as possible as why my fees were still due. Since my father handled all the finances, my fees were unpaid for the past month.- That was the moment it hit me hard. I felt everything over again. I just stared at her. I wanted to tell her what had happened. I tried very hard. But I couldn't utter a single word. I just stood there dumb-founded thinking of what to say. I could do nothing, I just burst into tears. Crying so loud in front of all my schoolmates, teachers and staff,

How do you expect a 10 year old to say that his father is no more. The words just couldn't leave my mouth, so the tears expressed my emotions. My class teacher hugged me as I cried and took me away from the auditorium.

That was the first and last time that I cried in public.

I studied for my graduation (MBBS) at Calcutta and used to travel to Kerala during vacations. During one such I was returning to Calcutta and got down at Howrah (Calcutta) railway station. As I was jostling towards the exit, a voice called out sir sir malayali ano ( sir are you a malayali?). I turned back to see someone like this. (Photo from Google)

"tum mujhe khush nahi kar paye, tumse zyada toh mai mere ex se khush thi"

I was in a long distance relationship with a girl. I really loved her. She loved me too ( atleast she said that to me). I stayed in kolkata and she was in Delhi. We both knew each other from kolkata when she stayed here. After she left kolkata we used to chat on Facebook, at first casually but soon we started talking everyday. We knew each other's schedule and always waited for the other to come online. Every night 12am we both come online and chat till 4–5 am, it was our daily schedule. We were addicted to each other. She belonged to a family where she had lots of restrictions. She had to wait for her mother to sleep to use the phone. She couldn't talk on phone much because most of the time her mother or sister was around her. She shared all her problems with me and told all her secrets which even her best friend didn't know about. She told everything about her, from her happiest to her darkest moments. She trusted me, a lot. I was really scared because I never wanted to break her trust. I fell in love with her. Soon I proposed her, she said she would have proposed me way before but she was worried about the distance between us. I said we will figure it out.

Now we started talking about our future, started planning how and when we are going to meet? where we gonna meet? they places we'll visit? the things we'll do together.. etc. We were so deeply in love with each other that we started planning our future together.

Our first meet :

I was looking for an excuse to visit delhi. I had never been to delhi before. I lied my parents that I want to attend the All India Python Conference on 22nd Sept'16. My parents were worried about me, they didn't want me to leave alone but somehow I was successful in convincing them. My dad booked my tickets and I showed it to her. We were really happy and excited that day. I had saved 15k for our meet. I wanted to do something special for her. I had star marked all our best conversations on whatsapp. I prepared a scrapbook with the help of my artist friend. It was a heartshaped scrapbook which captured some of our best moments, our first conversation and a love letter from me at the back.

I boarded the train on 20th. My father came to see me off. I was feeling terrible lying to him but I thought someday when I'll introduce my girlfriend to him, he'll understand why I lied because she is really nice and perfect for me. The train journey was of 24hrs and she had her last exam so she was busy with her preparation. I told her not to worry about me and prepare for her exam, we will meet after it ends tomorrow.

I had mixed feelings, I was excited to meet her, worried if things didn't work and guilty because I lied to my parents. Next morning when the train was 2hrs away from delhi, I booked a hotel in paharganj. It was my first time ever without my parents in a new city, that too Delhi. I reached, when to the hotel, took a shower and left to meet her. She told me to book a cab and wait outside her college. My heartbeats were rising as she was coming towards the cab and when she entered the cab, I was stunned! She looked so pretty that my mind stopped working and maybe I was smiling like an idiot. I can't forget the first time I saw her, her eyes were the most beautiful thing I had ever soon.

She told the driver to take us DLF Mall, noida. We both were quiet for minute, I said hii, she replied me with a hii, she asked me about my journey, she wasn't making an eye contact. I thought she was feeling shy. We went to a restaurant and had amritsari chole bhature. That was our first official date and after that I booked a cab and dropped her near home. I realized at the end that maybe I couldn't match her expectations, maybe in looks or communication or anything else. I understand that, because it was our first meet and things would not necessarily go they way we always dreamed.

I came back to the hotel and asked if she wanted to meet tomorrow and where does she wanna go. We had actually planned before to book a hotel together, so that we can talk, without any disturbance, to get to know each other better. I asked if she wanna do that. She said yes and I booked a hotel from Stay Uncle in Noida.

Next day I booked a cab and picked her from the place where I dropped her yesterday. We clicked few pics in the cab and she was communicating better than yesterday. I was really happy and excited as I had planned to gift the scrapbook today. We reached hotel and checked in to our room. We both brought our laptops, she told me to get some movies for her and I brought FRIENDS , that's my favorite and I wanted her to watch it too. Then I told her to close her eyes, and I gifted her the scrapbook and told her that I love her. She was silent at first, maybe surprised maybe disappointed, I don't know why. I asked didn't you like the scrapbook? She said I loved it. What about the I love you part? I asked. She didn't reply and asked how did you make this scrapbook? That was enough for me to understand that she didn't fall in love with me the way I fell for her. I didn't ask again, I copied the movies and FRIENDS and saw a movie together. At times I tried to start a conversation but she didn't want to talk. We booked the hotel till 7pm but we left at 4pm. We talked while going back home in the cab

Me : did I make you uncomfortable??

She : No, obviously not, rather you treated me really nice.

Me : Then what's the problem?

She : I want to talk about it after you leave

Me : Then what's the use of meeting if we again have to discuss our problems online?

Me : Trust me and say whatever is in your mind, I'll understand even if it's a no.

She didn't say anything..

Me : You know I love you, and I really want to make happy moments with you, I m not talking about being physical, just to enjoy each other's company. Just hold my hand if it's a yes for me.

She didn't. I said it's okay. We didn't talk anymore in the cab. I dropped her and when I reached hotel she messaged me asking if I reached the hotel. I said yes and told her I'm planning to leave day after tomorrow. She told me not to and asked me to meet her tomorrow after her college ends. I didn't reply. She called me next morning and requested me to come. I promised her that I'll come.

As always I was waiting outside in a cab. She came in. She was looking really pretty, prettier than any other day. She started crying. She said sorry and told it's all her fault and requested me not to leave so early. I said I won't and it's okay. We stopped at nearbuy McD. I ordered veg meal for both of us( she is veg and I promised her to leave chicken for her). Out of nowhere, she said, "I love you". I could feel her soft palm on my hand. She took out her camera and put her head on my shoulder to capture that moment. That was the best moment of my life. That day everything felt so beautiful and perfect. We shared burger, talked a lot.. the way we did on calls and chats. She promised me not to leave before the weekend and planned to visit places in delhi. Then I dropped home and before exiting the cab, she said I love you. I was so happy that I called my bestfriend and informed him immediately. He is the only one who knows about my secret trip. I was really really happy that day.

Next day we planned to visit Hauz Khaz. But that day she was behaving weirdly. She wasn't talking properly, wasn't doing any eye contact. She was behaving like first day, actually even worse. We went to a park, she was avoiding me, whenever I tried to talk she opened whatsapp and pretended as if she was busy. Whole day was like that, no talking no pics nothing. I had to ask her what's wrong, tell me whatever it is. After insisting a lot she finally started speaking.

She : You couldn't match my expectations, I am not happy

Me : I tried to keep everything perfect and behaved decently. I double checked every detail and I tried to keep everything as we planned. What went wrong?

She : I don't know, I don't feel anything. tum mujhe khush nahi kar paye, tumse zyada toh mai mere ex se khush thi, bina uske efforts ke.

*Btw guys, her ex is an asshole. He just wanted to be physical. She regrets her relationship with him and had cried a lot because of him. She always said that I am better than that asshole in everything and she prayed for a guy like me. *

Me : seriously? you will compare me with him??

She : I'm not comparing, I'm just saying you couldn't make me feel the way he did. You are better than him but I don't feel for you.

Me : what about yesterday? why did you say you love me? was that a lie?

She : I never wanted to hurt you and I was feeling guilty so I told that.

Me : So that was a lie?

She : She didn't say anything but her silence told me everything.

I dropped her home. And I started crying. I took a metro and cried all the way. I sat near Rajiv chowk metro station and cried an hour. I came back to my hotel, my friend called me, I was crying I told him everything. I cut the phone. My dad called, I didn't pick up, I couldn't pick up. I threw my phone on the bed, took the hotel keys and went back to place where I cried, I stayed there till 1am. I cried because I was feeling guilty as I lied to my parents. I cried because, I was heartbroken. I cried because all my dreams shattered in a moment. I realized I failed. I failed because that asshole made her happy but I couldn't. I failed because all my risks and efforts meant nothing to her. I failed as a son and as a boyfriend.

That was the darkest day of my life.

What experience changed your opinion on a particular person?

This woman is clearly mentally ill and snapped and went psychotic and committed this unspeakable crime against her own dear son. Satan is real and he comes to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10) and above all he is a

Between 1871 and 1918, what was German-China relations like?

I could not describe it in one word, but I could describe it with many words.Unequal : The Germans invaded and took Tsingtao, by using two murdered missionaries as the pretext for the repossession of Tsingtao (Kiaochow) from China in 1897, by a leasing treaty which like the British did

What's one thing you have never been good at?

Not being good at something.See for yourself what I'm good at and not-so-good-at in my new book, How To Succeed Purpose.