What incredible myths do people still largely believe in?

That we can buy ourselves happiness with money. The only way to find true happiness is within ourselves. But people have become egotistical amd instead of doing what they want and love doing to benefit them and instead of facing their fears people use money to try and make themselves feel better. When tbh we all know they are really not okay. As humans we tend to fixate on something that we think can make this shit show called life alot better. When in reality, until we stand up for ourselves and start doing what makes us happy and speaking our real truths we will never be okay. Because rightnow everyone is fake.

Why have humans never been back to the Moon after 1972?

Apollo was very expensive, and after acheiving the objective and doing some good science, there has been no compelling reason to go back.Ironically, while we think of it today as cold-war gamesmanship (and it was) Kennedy repeatedly tried to get the USSR to join us and share the costs and

Why do American women vote Republican given the anti-feminist policies espoused by elements of the Republican Party?

They don't. You have been brainwashed by the lies and false data reporting by the liberal media.In point of fact the most [mis]quoted statistic that women earn 75% of what a man earns is a straight up lie.

What makes Transformers better than Star Trek?

Depends on which parts of both franchises you are comparing. The only area they are truly comparable at is in the movie franchises and Star Trek has multiple franchises to pull from. At the end of the day (as a Transformers fan) I still would have