What ingredients and in which quantity should I look for in a effective pre workout for maximum energy and pump?

  1. beetroot powder (like my Tectanic Red)
  2. citrulline peptides ( I sell those too)
  3. Zynamite for energy ( I sell that too)
  4. Sodium for a better pump

Things I dont recommend pre workout that I feel does not work and is useless

  1. caffeine. increases cortisol, vasoconstrictor
  2. creatine. Its not a stimulant
  3. BCAA. Not a stimulant nor worth using
  4. Arginine. Never will give you a pump and never has
  5. L-norvaline. Kills brain cells

How much time will it take for me to get a six pack?

You don't really have that much body fat, and judging by your level of muscle mass you are a prime candidate to enter a calorie deficit and actually put on muscle while in a deficit.You could probably see visible abs within 4 weeks of entering a caloric deficit,

How to get good skin

The fundamental need of the good skin is the internal body cleanse.Even the most expensive white cosmetics or procedure in the most luxurious cosmetic salon can not have such a lasting and visible effect on the face and body as its' internal cleansing.The contamination of the body first affects the