What is Barack Obama's favorite TV show?

If you are guessing House of Cards because American politics is involved in it you are wrong its Game of Thrones.

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Why am I very confused person?

I'd love to answer your question and help you find clarity, but I really don't know WHY you're confused and I doubt anyone could explain it without knowing more about you and talking with you. There are a great many factors at play.I also want to say that confusion is a normal human condition. Everyone feels confused

What is it like to have Asperger's and schizophrenia at the same time?

I have both.It is kind of confusing. I don't know which of my symptoms come from Aspergers or which comes from schizophrenia.Here are some differences that I have noticed from before and after I got schizophrenia: Before, I had normal eye contact, now I don'tBefore, I didn't now how to be social, now I just don't want toBefore,

Can Apple survive Google onslaught?

That is a really good question. So, to be precise, you believe that Google is currently beating Apple in every way. Let us assume this to be correct for the sake of an argument.Apple is a hardware+software driven company while Google focuses majorly on software