What is China's stance on its coffee culture? Is it impacting its tea culture drastically?

So much to say here.

First, there are some parts of China that already have strong coffee culture, such as in Yunnan Province, where quite decent coffee is grown already.

Second, coffee in China will never replace tea. Tea is too ingrained into Chinese culture to ever be replaced.

Third, many Chinese view coffee as something nice once in a while, but as too harsh on the body, compared to tea. This view it not likely to change soon.

Fourth, coffee in China is becoming popular as a symbol of Western decadence, but only among young, rich people. This demographic is certainly growing, but compared to China's 1.5 billion people, it is still very small. No Chinese farmer, for example, would ever dream of drinking coffee instead of tea.

So I think that,  while some Chinese enjoy coffee, tea is here to stay, and will be for the foreseeable future.

China is  tea drinking nation with many varieties and qualities of tea. China has a tea culture and making tea itself is an art.
Coffee is new fad  amongst the young which is associated as being more westernised. Starbucks is  the place the young want to be seen as moving with the times. Beyond this the tea culture is very strong and ingrained in the Chinese culture and will not even scratch the surface of tea drinking  habits in China

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