What is 'Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe' about?

This storyline is actually a trilogy. In order to not spoil the story, I'll try and leave it vague.

Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe

Deadpool kills the marvel universe is about Deadpool (a certain version at least) wanting to kill every hero in the marvel "universes" because of a voice inside of his head telling him too after the two main voices ( the good side and the bad) just suddenly dissapear and is replaced with a new voice. The reason I say universes as a plural is because not only does he want to conquer his universe but others too as there have been three books to read with the Deadpool kills the marvel universe series with that being the first volume of comics, the other two are called Deadpool killastrated and Deadpool kills Deadpool. These comics are very good reads
What are the best books to adapt into films that have not been adapted yet?

Donna Tartt - The Secret History: It's hard to believe that one of the best-selling books of the nineties hasn't been adapted yet. The story of a group of students of Ancient Greek with a fascination for Bacchanals is suspenseful and perfectly fit for a film version.Mark Haddon - The Curious Incident of the Dog in the

What is a feature film?

Feature films are the movies from mainstream cinema or popular cinema. There are many things  that define a film to be a feature film apart from its length. Entertainment is the first criteria - A film should be made for the sole purpose of entertainment irrespective of genre. If a film has factual/informational or complete real

Which Indian movie made you cry?

"VIKRAM MADE ME CRY"There are many movies which made me emotional but "NANNA" in telugu  actually a dubbed tamil film "devai thirumagal"...I was like,,,, who watches  a dubbed movie in teather.So i saw the film on TV ,,,, OMG that climax scene  ... i was unable to stop tears.....VIKRAM he is a gem