What is Direct bank transfer system in India?

Direct transfer is an electronic inter bank transfer system that enables transfer of funds from one bank account to the another bank account. There are two types - NEFT (ational Electronic Fund Transfer) and RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement). NEFT is working on scheduled time basis and RTGS is typically used for high-value transactions that require and receive immediate clearing.

Is Kerala India's China?

I'm qualified to answer this. I'm a Keralite and living in Kerala now.Were you comparing China's growth/development to Kerala's ?Development - Kerala's development can purely be attributed to foreign remittance - a huge number of our brothers / sisters are NRIs and their investment/business back in Kerala helped this state build a robust system of Education, Hospitality,

How to know if I have a good push-up form when doing push ups alone

Great question, and a worthy quest! I was a military cadet at one of the major academies and I trained other cadets as well. There were a couple years when push ups were a normal part of my life every day, often starting in the hallway by 6am (0600) with plenty of shouting to go with it. Good

Can I lose weight within 10 days by eating?

You can lose weight even in one day of eating, but question is how many kgs you want to lose?? And what is your current body fat percentage?You will lose weight fast if body fat is on the higher side ( 25% +).But if you are already at 15% body fat, then it's really hard to