What is Science reality show?

E7ham Arivu - Its the 1st ever science reality Ezham Arivu Science Reality Show show for Tech & Entreprenuers. It has been rated No.1 among Top 10 programs in DD Podigai averaging daily viewership of 2.5 lakhs.
It has created a youth revolution in India. Talks are on with the United Nations Information Centre, India and the HRD ministry to propogate this initiative throughout India.
Like popular initiatives like Make in India and Startup India, Is India Ready for Ignite India? We request your support in making it possible.
Please help us partner with the relevant Corporates, Venture Capitalists, Investors, Professionals, Social Entreprenuers, Activists, Academicians, Bureaucrats and Socially inclined citizens to bring more advice, guidance and support to these Young Social entreprenuers!!
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Is driving the Tesla Model S a better driving experience than driving a BMW 5 Series?

I've had a Model S for about 3 years and when my lease was up a couple of months ago, I decided not to get a new one. I actually cancelled my Model 3 reservation as well.Tesla Model S is probably the ideal commuter car. It's very effortless to drive, it's a comfortable, smooth ride. But it's not fun.

How long can an astronaut stay in space without oxygen?

An astronaut can survive in outer space without oxygen,but for barely a few seconds.After about 15 seconds,he/she will start losing consciousness from lack of oxygen.That's a totally different case from Earth.On earth you can easily survive a few minutes without breathing because there is no vaccum on Earth