What is a childhood ambition that you had?

In my childhood days,it changes day by day according to the movies and cartoons I watch on the TV.

On a day, If I watch detective oriented stuff, suddenly I become acting (no actually living) like real life detective with keen observations on the Ant mobs movements and finding them going into the creeks of the wall to settle their ass, and feel like I am successful.

On the other day, a story of a don make me behave wild and serious faced thug beating everyone around me ( inside myself) and warning them to be carefully ofcourse, Rajinikanth's Basha BGM (South Indian Movie) will be there.

At times, Police Inspector with solving bunch of murder mysteries by smelling the blood and closing my eyes and sniffing around like a dog at SOC.

And also, I am very hardworking kid with such goals like studying Mechanical Engineering and designing a car without fuel and again quit the job and become a Criminal Lawyer and giving justice to all, by the next day morning I ll be doctor in the surgery room (operating theatre) cutting the people (hahaha) and taking away bullets and taking the blessings from the poor family's of the patients and keeping them safe in my school bag, again a twist after a couple of days a new avatar, Auto rickshaw driver to help the poor ( no logic pls, I don't know how the hell I help them) and finally settling like 1000 crore businesses man playing Polo or swimming with ( u know what I meant).

Thank you.

Note: pl no pun intended, kids are gods.

What are the best fat losing/transformation workout programs you have ever tried?

Everyone knows what to do to lose fat, right? Then how come so few reach their goals and achieve that lean look if it's so damn easy to get ripped?I could tell you the very same things as

Why does my husband leave me till last?

Take some control and ask him that question.  This will of course lead to a very good discussion.  Do not let it escalate into yelling.  Just have a meaningful conversation and be prepared to tell each other the truth.  This truth-sharing will naturally deepen your relationship.

What is the best diet and sports, which helped you to lose weight?

Diet:Cut all drinks containing sugar, excluding sweeteners for coffee/tea, and protein shakes. Saves you calories, but more importantly money.Incorporate a pre-workout beverage: can be coffee, caffeinated pre workout mixes, or non-caffeinated pre-workout mixes. Good for psychological conditioning, and allows you to not depend too much on a heavy