What is a definite sign that a relationship won't last very long?

Unfortunately there are a myriad of reasons that show a relationship won't last long. But one that comes to the forefront of reasons is when one partner or both just stop trying. Falling in love is easy. That's why it's called falling. No effort. But to keep a relationship alive takes work. Shouldn't be a struggle but work nonetheless. You've got to show your partner you care and they've got to do the same in return. And there shouldn't be any asking for the basics. You do things for your partner because you want to. Your desire is to see them happy. Once that desire is gone, the relationship will soon follow suit.

My wife is in love with another man, but still she wants to be with me till I get second love, then she will move out with the guy she loves, what shall I do?

Wow what a sacrifice. Somebody should write a book on your angel wife and her supreme sacrifice. Now what I am going to write would sting a lot because the situation demands it. Dude! Listen! Take pride in your manhood and just Man up

I'm a 16 year old female and I'm 188 lbs. If I only eat one meal a day that's 1000 calories, will I lose weight?

Yes, you will definitely lose weight. You will also almost surely quit before you've made any real progress toward your goal weight and put whatever weight you've lost back on, and then some. Or, if you do get all the way to your goal

How many sit ups should I do in a workout?

I have an advice, on the 'How Many', and 'How To'.How Many:I usually start with 15+15+15. 3 sets of 15 sit-up's. When you start you can go much more than this one and you won't feel anything, but the effect is on