What is a life changing book?

Here are a few of my favorite books that changed the way I live. They have changed the way I look at the world and the way I react to the world. I revisit them frequently because I get more out of them every time I go through them.

However, books cannot change your life – only you can do that. Simply reading the book alone, then moving on to the next one is useless.

The books can guide you down the right path, but you must take massive action and dedicate yourself to doing the work.

What steps did you take to successfully transform your body?

5 tricks to lose those last kilosAt the beginning fly the kilos off, but there is a good chance that you come to a point where you are, whatever you do, do not lose more grams. This usually happens at the stage that you want to lose those last two to five kilos

Are committed relationships still a thing?

Are committed relationships still a thing?Yes, they are. Bed hopping, poly whatever they call it and friends with benefits are for the uncommitted. They wouldn't know how to love and cherish one person if their lives depended on it. It may sound strange but although I've never been in love with a man,

How to know if the relationship is going to be okay or truly over

Yes, this is a very positive question and most of the people do not realise that the other person also needs time and his or her space to understand you and get in to serious relationship. It is very important to give that other person this time