What is a life hack that you think not everybody should know?

Life hacks that not everybody should know may be:

  • There exists something like lucky pen, lucky shirt, lucky days and the same applies for the unlucky ones.
  • Don't cut your hair and nails on Thursday and Saturday.
  • Being on your phone in the bathroom would save your time.
  • If a fan or a TV in your home is not working, call an engineer student of your family to look after that.
  • If a cat cut your way, then stop a while because that's inauspicious.
  • Dieting means to eat as much less as you can and sometimes stay hungry.
  • While waiting for someone sitting in a cafe, pretending to text or to call by watching people around would help.
  • Lying on the bed watching a fan rotating would make you sleep faster.
  • Erase the board as soon as you finish writing that because children just waste the time in copying.
  • Smacking while having a tea or a coffee won't annoy your best buddy, you're living with, so feel free.
  • Clicking your pen repeatedly would make you sharper.

Well, I believe that you know why these are the hacks not everyone should know but, unfortunately, these are already practiced by many people.

And, now when many of you have known too, don't let those know someone else :D

Vivek, Thanks for A2A.

Brother according to me the life hacks that you know which everbody don't know

  1. Always live for nation
  2. Always believe in your karma
  3. Always manage your time with your interest. Prefer much time for those works which you want to learn, after that use your time in which you are perfect so that you shine in your domain and finally the time left is used by the works you don't like because they are also necessary.

Conditions apply :- your work should be in the favour of the development of nation.

Just like fingerprints of every person differs different tips and tricks which work for different people differs.

Every rule, tips and trick is an utter bullshit. Whatever works for you, works for you. Whatever doesn't, doesn't.

So stop following others blindly and explore what is compitable with you.

It will take time but good things take time and it will be worth it.

P.S. not everybody but my dear quorans know this hack .

Thanks for A2A.

According to your question; if I think that not everybody should know the hack, why would I share it on this platform now? If I share, it would contradict your question.

So for your question, I don't know any such hack which I don't want everybody to know. If I have any, I always would like to share with atleast few.

Thanks for reading :)

There are a few:

-Log out of snapchat, facebook and instagram from your phone

-Brush your teeth every night

-Make your bed every morning

-Listen to new music to activate different parts of your brain

-Have conversations with people you don't know. Make new friends

-Stay away from your phone when you exercise

-Eat spinach or carrots with each meal

-Learn a music instrument

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